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Florida RV Service & Repair

Florida Outdoors RVWith multiple locations in South and Central Florida and highly dedicated professional RV technicians, Florida Outdoors RV is well equipped to handle nearly any RV service or repair need you may have. We realize that repairs to your travel trailer or motorhome can be inconvenient. At Florida Outdoors RV, we make your RV repair simple and fast as possible with one of the lowest wait times in the region.

Our locations are staffed with experienced RVIA certified technicians with years of experience. We're proud to offer nearly 50 service bays company wide with a team of 20 RV repair and service professionals. 

As part of the Route 66 RV network, our customers get preferred service at over 1,200 dealer service bays nation wide. Contact us at your nearest location today.


What customers are saying...

"Exceptional service here! I've had 5 other RV's but I've never seen service like this from a dealer. I just purchased an RV from them and there were a few issues that needed to be addressed and they were addressed, quickly without any question. I'm sure that I wouldn't have received the same service from some dealers I've dealt with in the past. It's great to see a business with this level of integrity and professionalism. If I were buying again, I would buy from them."
- Lee Dashiell
"The experience we had working with Steve in the service department exceeded our expectations! Steve and Florida Outdoor provided a professional and seamless experience. Follow-up and communication were excellent. Repairs and maintenance on our motorhome was performed as promised, and everybody was cheerful and kind. Thank you so much!"
- Barbara Soffen

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Florida Outdoors Service Certified


Florida Outdoors Service Certified



Standard Florida RV Service & Repair

  • Towable Pre-Trip Inspection: LP leak check, fluid checks, roof A/C service, generator performance and much more!
  • Motorized Pre-Trip Inspection: LP leak check, fluid checks, roof A/C service, generator performance, housing chassis charging systems and battery and more!
  • RV Slide Room Maintenance: Slide seals inspected and lubed, gears lubed.
  • RV Awning Clean & Inspection: Inspect awning for wear, clean awning fabric, adjust spring tension.
  • Lube, Oil & Filter: Drain oil, refill new oil, new oil filter, lube chassis, check air and fuel filter.
  • Transmission Service: Change transmission fluid & filter.
  • RV pressure Test Sealtech: Sealtech machine pressurizing, protects RV from water damage.
  • Generator Service: Change oil & filter, inspect spark plugs, adjust carburetor, load bank test.
  • Basic RV De-Winterize: Drain/flush antifreeze, connect all valves for water flow, inspect RV for water damage.
  • Motorhome Wash & Clean: Exterior, windows, tire dressing, vacuum.
  • RV Roof Clean & Treatment: Professionally clean roof surface, Rubber RV roof treatment for protection.
  • Basic RV Roof Clean: Roof surface cleaned, reduce black streaks, protects investments.
  • Towable Wash & Clean: Exterior clean of RV, windows, tire dressing, vacuum
  • Wheel Bearing Single Axle
  • Wheel Bearing Double Axles
  • Wheel Bearing Triple Axle
  • LP Leak Test: Check all LP hoses for wear, fittings for leaks, check regulator and perform system drop test.
  • Towable Chassis Inspection & Review: Full 25 point inspection, wheels, brakes, tires, steps and more.
  • Motorhome Chassis Inspection & Review: Full 25 point inspection, wheels, brakes, tires, steps and more.
  • Full RV Appliance Tune Up: LP furnace service, AC service, fridge service, water heater, LP leak test.

Common Florida RV Repair Issues

Water Leaks

Water leaks are by far one of the most undesirable problems in an RV. By the time you know water has penetrated your living quarters, you've probably sustained substantial damage. However, if you run into this problem, bring it in for a full evaluation. We'll work with your insurance company, give an estimate, help solve your problem and get you back to camping in no time!

Battery/Electrical Problems

If you've ever visited a RV manufacturer's factory and see how they build RVs, you know that electrical systems are complicated. Whether it's a dead battery or the slide is malfunctioning, our technicians will narrow down the problem and get you running again.

Slide-Out Malfunctions

If you find yourself in a situation where your slide-out is not working due to electrical or mechanical issues, feel free to call us. We'd be happy to walk you through some troubleshooting tips. If needed, come visit us so we can get to the root of the problem.

Refrigerator Problems

Having fridge problems in your RV can be frustrating. If you're fridge isn't running properly, much of your food will go bad and that's no fun for anyone. If your refrigerator isn't working like it should, come on in to get it looked at.


Accidents and water leaks happen. Unfortunately, they can do more damage than a simple fix can do! That's where Florida Outdoors RV can help. Not only can we fix normal stuff like awnings, refrigerators, and slide but our craftsmen can reconstruct whole sections of your unit.

Pre-Trip Inspections

Before heading out on your vacation, be sure to get a pre-trip inspection. In these inspections, we go over your entire RV and check for any problems. Doing this every 6 months to a year will catch any problems that will cause bigger problems down the road if not addressed. Think of it like a regular doctor's check up.

Roof Inspections

One way to prevent water leaks in your roof is to have regular roof inspections. At Florida Outdoors RV, we offer these free of charge. Every 6 months or after a big storm, it's not a bad idea to come in for a free roof inspection.

RV Awning Repair

Sometimes there is a big storm and other times awnings get old and torn. If these is the case, Florida Outdoors RV works with the leading awning companies to get your RV awning fixed. We primarily work with Dometic and Care Free of Colorado.


Thanks once again for trusting Florida Outdoors RV with your RV Service and RV repair. We know that you have many choices, but you chose us. We have RVDA techs on staff and are part of the Route 66 RV Network. This gives you peace of mind and holds us to a high standard of work.

Call us today! 772-202-5851 in Stuart and 863-623-4689 in Okeechobee and our newest location in Sebring - 863-657-4542



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