Sell Your RV With Florida Outdoors RV

You'll love our "60 Day Sell My RV" Guarantee!

(If we don't sell your RV within 60 Days, we'll buy it from you.) 

Why sell (consign) your RV with Florida Outdoors RV?

  • We do a complete safety and operational check.* 
  • We professionally clean and photograph your RV. 
  • We handle all the paper work with bank and buyer (title, bill of sale, etc).
  • Your RV will reach thousands of eyes on our network of sites including,, our website and more!
  • We offer great financing options to potential buyers. 
  • We'll pay off what you owe the bank FOR YOU and write you a check for the balance!


If we can't sell your RV within 60 days, we'll buy it from you at a price we both agree to! The great news is, we rarely keep used inventory past 60 days. 

Tell Us About Your RV

Two ways to sell your RV. 

Consigment Program (Best Value)

  • You sell your RV THROUGH us. You still own your RV.
  • We list your RV on our extensive website network.
  • You get more value then selling it outright. 
  • We deal with all the paper work. 
  • Little work on your part, highest value.

We buy your RV outright

  • Sometimes you just need to sell your RV quickly. In many cases, we are able to offer you an outright price and put a check in your hands ASAP!
  • With our 60 day gaurantee, we will offer to buy your RV at an agreed to price if we haven't sold your RV within the 60 day period. 
  • Selling outright generally does not get you the value of your RV, but allows you to sell quickly.

* Florida Outdoors RV Free consignment program offers free consignment, which means we don't charge for paper work, legal work, bank negotiating, or storage fees. There is a fee for inspection and cleanup of the RV to make sure everything is in working order.

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