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Travel Trailer History

It's the travel trailer that started it all.  In some places in the world, it's called a caravan and back in the West, it may have even been called a wagon. The first people to live in their caravan were actually the circus troupes in France around 1810. Caravan traveling can also be traced back to the Romani people in Europe, also known as Gypsies. Many of Romani actually didn't live in their wagons at first. However, as time went on, the Romani people began to use them more as homes and places to sleep.  They first began traveling in wagons called a Vardo. Traveling showmen were also known for using these vehicles to sell their wares and solve all your problem drinks.  Many of these trailers were characterized by huge wheels and decorative painting throughout. In an official capacity, to first travel trailer or carriage was made by the Bristol Carriage Company in the late 1800s. Because the construction of an RV in this day was so extensive, they could take up to a year to build, although, with RV manufacturing technology, this has actually greatly increased. 

The RV Industry Grows

Camping and traveling didn't become popular in the United States until about the 1920s. The growth of the RV lifestyle started with smaller trailers like the teardrop trailer. If you were alive in this day, you may remember the term tin can tourist, a name that many of these travelers were known by. Interestingly enough, as time progressed and popularity increased these travel trailers became more livable and took on the name house trailer. Around the 1950s we began to see a split of more permanent house trailers or mobile homes and RVs. That is why mobile homes and recreational vehicles are now in separate categories. Today, the industry is able to provide us some of the best travel trailers for sale in Florida! This trend was likely even more furthered with the incase on U.S. National Parks and State Parks -- especially those that catered to travel trailers and hookups. 

Different Models and Floor plans.

The family of travel trailers is wide and includes the conventional travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer, pop-up camper, and lightweight trailer like the teardrop. Depending on the size you get, a travel trailer RV is about 18-25 feet for a mid-size RV -- although some can be even smaller or bigger. A larger sized trailer can be as long as 45 feet.  When the fiberglass industry came to America, the RV industry was introduced to PlayPac, a very light-weight and small RV that can be carried by smaller vehicles. (Some of the brands we carry, like the Coachmen Apex and Prime Time Avenger are able to be towed by smaller vehicles. As always check with your Florida RV Dealer travel trailer sales consultant for verification.) Small RVs can be as small as 5 ft long and could be pulled by a motorcycle. Interestingly enough there is a law that actually limits RVs to 400 square feet, though it is not verified whether or not this includes slide outs. There are some travel trailers that can have as many as 4 slides outs. There are some 5th wheel trailer campers that can have more. 

The Advantage of TT Living

The great thing about living in a RV is the flexibility that you will not have in a house. There are many laws and taxes that apply to a home that don't apply to a travel trailer resident. You can also move just about anytime you wish to! Think of all the national parks you could visit. They also don't follow the same zoning laws as a house does. In the long run, this could be a lot cheaper, especially if you plan on traveling or RVing in a full time capacity.

The Hi-Lo RV

One really unique type of RV is the hi-lo camper trailer. This unit is made up of a part that is somewhat separate from the bottom part. It has the ability to fold down when you are not using it. You will get better gas mileage and store it much easier as some models will fold down to about 5ft high.

The Hybrid Travel Trailer

The Hybrid is unique because it take the beset features of a pop-up trailer and a traditional travel trailer. It's very much like a travel trailer with pop-outs on either end. The advantages to this type of floor plan is the flexibility to store it when not in use. 

Going Green

There is also a big push for going green and being environmentally friendly in the RV world. Many of the RVs that come on our lot are Gold Green Certified (Like Coachmen Apex and others) which means that they leave a smaller carbon footprint than other manufacturers that don't. There are even some manufacturers that are making some very stylish and beautiful green RVs with solar panels or solar panel support. Taking care of the earth is important to the Florida Outdoors RV family, so keep your eye out for those Green Certified tags when you're on a RV tour at any of our South Florida location!

Join the RV Lifestyle!

RV manufacturing has come long way since it's beginning stages. When you are looking for your next carriage, caravan, or wagon (as they used to say) consider stopping by Florida Outdoors RV Center in Stuart, Okeechobee or Sebring, Florida for the best travel trailers for sale in Florida! We have  a friendly sales staff that is ready to help you get into your dream RV!  Join the Romani people and begin your RV adventure!

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