2018 Shasta Revere

General Overview

Large windows, high ceilings, plushcomfortable mattress-Shasta Revere was designed to send your family into summervacation with every conceivable comfort. Shasta Revere allows you to take thecomforts of home with you on the road. When you travel with a Shasta Revere youtravel in style. Everything has been taken into account-from a spacious wellappointed kitchen to a U shaped dinette booth that can easily transform in aspacious full size bed that can comfortably sleep two adults.

Standard Features

There are thirteen different floorplans for the Shasta Revere. Each one individualy tailored to your familyu2019s uniquewants, needs and desires. The standard features of the Shasta Revere will leaveyour family surprised as you will not believe such a high standard of qualityfor such a reasonable cost. Letu2019s examine the exterior features of the 2018Shasta Revere.

The mainexterior features include a front hitch light, a lighted pass thru storagecompartment, insulated baggage doors and an Amber patio light with insideswitch-which will help avoid those mosquitos during the summer months!Additional standard exterior features include black-framed radius tinted safetyglass windows-to avoid unwanted cracks caused by tiny pebbles and rocks tossedup during highway travel. The Shasta Revere also comes equipped with a Diamondplated rock guard around the bottom (or "skirt") of the Revere.  The standard power features of the ShastaRevere will give your family the peace of mind you deserve as you start yourtravels. The power features include a twelve-volt water pump, system monitorpanel, in-floor heat ducts and auto-ignition furnace with wall-mountedthermostat. There isnu2019t anything the Shasta Revere hasnu2019t thought of.

The interior of the Revere makesthis RV one of the more popular affordable travel trailers. The interiorfeatures a seven-foot ceiling, pocket bored and screwed cabinets, residentialcabinet doors throughout the entire trailer and residential style light abovedinette. The interior of the RV was designed with the intention of making itseem so much like home you will forget you are miles from it! Lastly, letu2019s notforget the residential wood flooring giving the trailer a warm and welcomingfeel. Also, the RV comes equipped with a cable TV hookup and coaxial cables.

The interior features of the ShastaRevere are seen throughout the entire trailer starting with the kitchen. Themain feature of the kitchen is the three-burner cooktop with high burner,combined with a range hood with light and exhaust. The kitchen also boasts alarge oven, residential size sink and full extension kitchen drawers. Thebathroom of the Shasta Revere increases convenience for you and your family.The bathroom is equipped with a standard powered roof vent, full strength flushtoilet, medicine cabinet with mirror and a large, residential size sink. Thebedroom also houses numerous standard features which will bring comfort andpeace of mind throughout the entire trip. The bedroom features a comfortablefull size bed, under bed storage, cable television hookup, a residentialquilted bedspread and extra large overhead cabinet. The bedroom will have yousleeping in such comfort that you will forget itu2019s not your bed at home!

The safety features of the 2018Shasta Revere were designed with the highest standards of quality and safetyaround. Some of the safety features of the Shasta Revere make it the safest,affordable travel trailer on the market. A Carbon Monoxide Detector, LP LeakDetector, fire extinguisher/smoke alarm and break-away switch will give you thepeace of mind and freedom to explore the open road without having to worryabout your family's safety. The standard features of the Shasta Revere make itthe bell of the ball; however when the options are included this travel trailerbecomes a castle on wheels.

Optional Features

 The 2018 Shasta Revere has bothexternal and internal options. The external options include a spare tire andcarrier, high-gloss fiberglass exterior, aluminum wheels and a heated, enclosedunderbelly.  The interior options of theShasta Revere only add to its charm and appeal. The interior options includehide-a-bed sofa in place of the traditional jack-knife sofa, a junior dinettein place of a lower bunk bed, theater seating in place of the sofa and asmaller sit-n-sleep sofa. Additionally interior options include a thirty-twoinch LED flat screen television, fireplace (although not available in alllocations), an 8 cubic foot double door refrigerator as well as a premiumpillow top mattress. To keep your family cool and comfortable during yoursummer road trip the Shasta Revere has a 15,000 BTU air conditioner, an upgradefrom the standard 13,500 BTU air conditioner.

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