2018 Coachmen Chaparral 5th Wheel

2018 Coachmen Chaparral 5th Wheel

General Overview

Chaparral 5th wheels have been the flagship fifth wheel coach for Coachman RV for over a decade. Chaparral's unparalleled design makes for an easy and adventurous trip. A trip that will make memories that will last a lifetime. Chaparral fifth wheels are known for roomy bedroom suites, enormous storage spaces and well designed aerodynamics and weights will leave your family wanting more than just a weekend on the road! The standard and optional features of the Chaparral "FW" (fifth wheel) will make you feel like you brought your home on vacation with you.

Exterior Features

The exterior features of the Chaparral fifth wheel are among the best in class and makes the Chaparral fifth wheel one of the leaders in the industry. What defines the external features of this fifth wheel? Chaparral prides itself on having the best tow ability in its RV class. The cab of the Chaparral fifth wheel was designed for the sole purpose of allowing a 90 degree turning radius. This incredible turn model is combined with one of the most aerodynamic designed in the industry today. Furthermore, the white exterior of the Chaparral fifth wheel guarantees the color of your trailer will not fade over time-unlike the competitions. Another amazing external feature is the sidewalls of the Chaparral fifth wheel. 

Most RV and travel trailer owners will confess that one of the biggest annoyances is when moisture is trapped between the laminate and the interior structure of the wall. This causes "delaminating" and can be a costly fix. However, the new Chaparral fifth wheel has eliminated this problem by backing the side panels of the RV with Azdel panels which virtually eliminate the issue of delamination. 
Storage is critical for every RV or travel trailer. The Coachmen Chaparell "FW" has incorporated pass through storage. The storage compartment on the bottom of the trailer are the largest of any trailers on the market. The space is open and free of any piping that could detract from the storage space. Included in the storage space is a 110-volt outlet for cable hookup and television. 
The exterior features of the Chaparell fifth wheel are unparalleled across the industry. However, what really sells this trailer are the interior features, both standard and optional, that place this travel trailer in a class by itself. 

Internal Features

Coachman has made every attempt at ensuring the concepts found in a residential home are also found in their recreational vehicles and fifth wheel trailers. The first of the many internal features include the placement of LED lighting throughout the trailer. LED is the future of lighting in RV's and it is found throughout the Coachman brand. LED lights draw less battery power than regular incandescent light bulbs and LED lights are also brighter than their traditional counterparts. The Chaparrall fifth wheel houses LED lights in all rooms, closets, and pantries. The lighting designs implemented in the Chaparall fifth wheel give the trailer a homey, residential feeling. 
An often overlooked part of the RV experience is the decorations and window treatments. For years the standard for RV, travel trailer and fifth wheel du00e9cor has been a stationary window treatment with solid legs for security. This concept is not found in the modern, residential home and therefore is not found in the Chaparral. The window treatments are composed of cloth fabric along with easy to install and uninstall valence and balance beams. Also, these newer window treatments lend themselves to an easy clean up in the washing machine.
The interior also features a sofa bed that will radically redefine what RV owners will come to expect from bedroom furniture. The Chaparral fifth wheel comes equipped with an eighty-inch sofa and trifold bed. This sofa bed is long enough to stretch out fully and sleep comfortably. This sofa bed is an afternoon nap waiting to happen after a long day of traveling or exploring! The sofa bed has a memory foam mattress and comes with end tables with cup holders and a charging outlet.
The 2018 Chaparell 5th wheel comes equipped with a large, updated bathroom. Coachman believes this feature increases the value of a residential home, so it should be so in a travel trailer. This updated bathroom includes a large, walk in shower, a large linen closet and a dedicated heat duct for those cooler days in the mountains. The updated shower has sliding glass doors and a seat to make it easier on all of us! The bedroom houses a Serta residential queen bed. Coachman recognizes that a bed can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. The Serta mattress is a full-size mattress found in the majority of homes across the nation.


Overall the Coachman Chaparral combines form and function to provide the best experience possible for a travel trailer. The exterior features and construction of the fifth wheel make it one of the more popular travel trailers in its class. The unparalleled interior design ensures that all travelers will have the quiet comforts of home, even when they are hundreds of miles away from it.

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