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Prime Time Tracer (Air): A Little Short On Shortages 

The catch phrase for this 11 model Executive series of Prime Time Tracer Air travel trailers from Prime Time is "No Sacrifices". This refers to the company's effort to provide an ultra-light RV that offers as much in the way of comfort, style and amenities as trailers weighing at least several hundred pounds more. 

This range definitely raises the bar when it comes to luxury. In addition to surprisingly spacious layouts and furniture that wouldn't look out of place in a single family home, these trailers contain other high-end touches that road trippers will love. 

What We Like

Weight: It is truly incredible that Prime Time was able to pack so much into such a lightweight package. The Tracer Executive Series runs from hitch weights of 575 pounds to 880 pounds, with several models to choose from under 700 pounds.
Outdoor Kitchens: All but three of the models offer outdoor kitchens - including the smallest 230FBS. While it's always a pleasure to eat outdoors in nice weather, it's even better to be able to enjoy cooking outside, as well. Outdoor kitchens aren't thick on the ground to begin with. And to find this kind of feature in an ultra-light travel trailer is almost a miracle.
Outdoor TV Bracket and Hookups: provide the ultimate in outdoor living. There is no reason to go indoors, even to watch your favorite sporting events. 
Outside Showers: As nice as a tub is, though, an outside shower is a huge plus. The Universal Docking Center (UDC) on all models of the Tracer Executive Series includes an outdoor shower with recoil hoseu2014 in addition to cable and satellite outlets, as well as black tank flush.
Outdoor Speakers: The final touch for outdoor living at its best. Even boon-docking in the middle of nowhere, with all of the great outdoors to yourself, you can hang out next to your rig and enjoy your own personal sound track.
Floorplan Options: Choose from 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, rear living room or residential kitchen
Bathtubs: Three of the models include real, actual bathtubs, and not those little 4 inch tall squares that are really only a ledge above the shower floor. No, these are soaking tubs that active RV owners will appreciate when they just want to soak after a long day of adventures.
Walk Around Queen Sized Beds: It is always so much more convenient when both people who are sleeping in a queen sized bed can get in and out without crawling over someone else. All Tracer models feature comfortable beds with plenty of room to walk around them.
Almost Everything is Standard: In addition to the super cool features mentioned above, practically everything you could ask for in a travel trailer comes standard in all of the Tracer Executive Series models.

  • Awnings: No need to go looking for big accessories with price tags to match
  • Appliances: Large two door refrigerators, microwaves, 13,500 BTU air conditioning, high capacity gas furnace and water pump
  • Convenient Storage Huge pass through storage with overhead doors, as well as bus style slam latch baggage doors make loading and unloading a snap. This is a huge deal for road warriors who like to stay on the move.
  • User Friendly: Four stabilizer jacks, EZ Tow wide track suspension
  • Extra Touches: With everything else, no one will likely complain about a few things that might be missing. But it's the little things that are appreciated on a daily basis, like the amber porch light, extended drip spouts, hitch light and radial tires.

Options: There really isn't all that much to add to all of the standard features. Everything you need, and some things it may not even occur to you to wish for (outdoor kitchens!), are included as standard on all models of the Prime Time Tracer Executive series of travel trailers. 

So what's left? Just a small handful of items that will raise your level of comfort from fabulous to pretty much perfect.

  • 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner Vacationers who make a habit of traveling through the South, especially during the summer, will appreciate the ability to up their AC power. Whether spending time in the deserts of the Southwest or the humidity of New Orleans and Florida, sometimes you just need the extra BTUs. If you know in advance that those are the locations your family likes to roll, it's best to prepare in advance.
  • Power Awning It's great that an awning even comes standard. To have an upgrade available right from the first is super convenient.
  • Free-Standing Dinette and Chairs This really is the last thing needed to make a travel trailer feel like a home. However, it is also an excellent accessory for those who find booth dinettes a little difficult to get in and out of or inconvenient for letting other people get in and out. 
  • 50 Amp Service with 2nd AC Prep 4 models have this option available, and it's a doozy. More power plus the capability of adding a second air conditioner. Bliss.

What We Don't Like

There isn't a whole lot to criticize about this series: the innovation of less weight with few compromises and premium features offered as standard more than make up for any drawbacks. And we aren't the only ones who think so. If you search far and wide, about the only thing that turns up is a couple of mentions about the 3200BHT being just a little short on storage.


The Tracer Executive series is perfect for those who consider weight of primary importance but don't want to give up any of the comforts they are used to enjoying in their travel trailers. Ranging from 25'2" to 36'9", there are models to suit everyone -- from solo travelers to families. When Prime Time says "No Sacrifices", they mean it. And they achieved it.


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