In-Depth Review: Prime Time 5th Wheel Sanibel RV

A well-designed RV can be a dream-come-true for the outdoor enthusiast. This is what you get if you purchase the  Sanibel Fifth Wheel by Prime Time. The product defines intelligent manufacturing in its truest sense. We'll be focusing some of our details on the 3250 model. But many of these features apply across the board.


The Sanibel Fifth Wheel represents a combination of cost-effectiveness and excellence of quality. The spacious living room, well-equipped kitchen and bathroom make it a perfect home away from home. Combined with luxurious entertainment; the RV will make your camp fun - par excellence.

5th Wheel Sanibel Features

The Fifth Wheel weighs in at about 2,472 pounds. It is equipped with a spacious and well-furnished bedroom, great entertainment and a highly modernized kitchen. Two recliners, one table, a sofa-bed and a refrigerator also adorn the area. It also has three slides and is 38 feet and 4 inches in length. The tanks are capable of storing up to 90 gallons of water. Cherry wood construction adds to its durability. A sink on the top of an L-shaped counter, tells us a lot about space management in the design. A food pantry at the corner completes the amenities in your kitchen.

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At the higher level, you have a bathroom equipped with a toilet, shower and a sink. It is located at the left side of the room to maximize space. You also have a sink next to it. Next comes the spacious bedroom equipped with a king-size bed, a large closet and a dresser. You can also use a dryer or washer here as an add-on as per your requirement.


Your decision purchase a Sanibel Fifth Wheel offers you with great benefits. Some of them are: 

Flexibility: The company offers 12 floor plans. You just have to evaluate your requirements and make a choice accordingly. This is great if you are looking at customized options while buying your dream RV. 

Safety at its perfection: This RV features a design with safety in mind. The rubber roof carries a 12-year warranty.

Refreshing lighting arrangements: It is often said, luxury and comfort always go together. The Sanibel Fifth Wheel 3250 boasts of a lighting meant to relax and refresh you.  The "welcome home" light makes you feel at home in the vehicle. There is also a safety light at the entrance equipped with a separate switch. The LED lights spread all over the interior and make the area brighter for you to move around comfortably. In fact, the entire RV is filled with warm lighting u2013 which most reviewers have appreciated. 

Maximum storage space: The RV is sure to create the impression of a big home. The living room, kitchen, bedroom, closet and the large dresser; everything offers maximum storage space. This is essential especially when you are traveling as a family. Or if you love to carry your world with you!

Facility to update: Spend a few extra bucks and you get numerous extra features. A fireplace, smoke and LP detector or fire extinguishers are a few to mention among them. You can decide to upgrade the RV per your convenience; there's room for such add-ons. For example, a fireplace is something you must have if you enjoy reading with a relaxing drink in hand.

It is a home away from home: Sanibel Fifth Wheel lets you unwind in a home away from home. Bid farewell to "the norm" and enjoy the summer or winter in the place of your choice. The weather-proof design makes sure that you feel cool in summer and warm during winter.

Ease of cleaning: Cleaning this RV is a breeze. It features an in-built vacuum cleaner. This is definitely a blessing for a health-conscious vacationer.

It is built to last: The one-piece rubber roof and the powder-coated I-beam frames help the vehicle to last a lifetime. It also features an intelligent design. And, you will love it even with a growing family.

The verdict

If you are someone looking for an all-seasons outdoor home, Fifth Wheel from Sanibel is the best choice. To be honest, it is one of the largest and intelligent home on wheels.  It is spacious and rich in features. Combine all this with a weather-proof design. This RV lets you enjoy a vacation whenever you want irrespective of the weather.

Most of the customers have only words of appreciation for the product. Some hail the intelligent design. Others go for the ease of cleaning and low-cost maintenance.  There are also those who love the maximum storage capacity it offers. Store up to 64 gallons of fresh water, up to 90 gallons of grey water and 55 gallons of black water. Isn't that simply great?

The final note

Even a tight budget does not have to cause concern for you. At times at Florida Outdoors, we even carry preowned versions of the Sanibel.  Don't forget to make sure that the RV is in good condition before making a purchase. The best thing to do is to get help from a professional, like at Florida Outdoors RV.

Finally, check the insurance coverage. See to it that it has the protection you need to have a tension-free vacation. Get a Sanibel Fifth Wheel. You won't regret it! 

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