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Buying a motorhome is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make. However, we at Florida Outdoors RV believe it's one of the best decisions, especially if you've never bought a motorhome. Because it's such a large investment into you future, we want to make sure that you find the right motorhome that fits your needs. Thousands of people are searching online for motorhomes for sale every month. On this page, we want to help you find the right one, whether it be a Class A, Class B or Class C. First, we'd like to tell you a little bit about Florida Outdoors RV. 

Florida Outdoors RV has been family owned and operated since 2004 and has proudly been serving our RV customers with top-notch sales, service and parts. By being part of the Route 66 Network , we're able to offer our customers access to over 150 quality and professional recreational vehicles service centers around the country. This network has proved itself time and time again and offers our RV family with a consistent first class service. Just this year (2016), we've also expanded our RV services center to a second location which let's us serve more customers with a faster turnaround time. With RV dealerships in Stuart, FL and Okeechobee, FL, we are centrally located to anyone searching for a motorhome for sale anywhere in Florida. 

Okay, now that you know a little bit about us, let's dive into the different kinds of mobile homes and help you when you're browsing for the perfect match for your needs. When purchasing a motorhome, finding the right one is especially important when you're dishing out anywhere from 50K to a few hundred thousand dollars. That probably why you are browsing the internet for an RV with all the necessary pictures, details and descriptions. OK, here we go!

Know Your RV Lingo

Before you go shopping for a motorhome, it's important to know some basic vocabulary. Contrary to popular opinion, a "Winnebago" does not define every mobile home made. "Winnebago" is actually one of the oldest motorhome brands, but is not synonymous with all motorhomes. When looking for a motorhome, you'll run into the following terms which we will cover in more detail below: Class A (or Type A), Class B (or Type B) and Class C (or Type C). We even have Class B Plus and Super Cs. The term "RV or Recreational Vehicle" applies to all types including Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels, which we explore on other parts of our website. All of these names represent different sizes and purposes. If you have any questions, your RV sales consultant should be able to help you out, but it's always good to have a basic knowledge before you shop for a recreational vehicle. 

The famous Class A Motorhome

Class A motorhome are the biggest type of motorized RV you can buy. These are also referred to as "busses" or in the case of a motorized diesel, a "diesel pusher." At Florida Outdoors RV, we carry a number of great motorhomes for sale with some of the best brands in the industry. These motorhomes are known for their bus-like features and may remind you of a greyhound or touring bus. There are two types of Class A motorhomes -- Gas and Diesel. Over the years, we have seen a vast improvement in Class A Gas motorhomes in regards to pulling capacity and fuel efficiency. So much so, that some people choose Type A gas motorized over diesel pushers. However, there is not getting around it, diesel pushers are the cream of the crop when it comes to motorized recreational vehicles. You'll often see celebrities or TV shows with luxury diesel motorhomes that have all the bells and whistles. That being said, you don't have to be a millionaire to purchase a diesel motorhome. The inventory at Florida Outdoors RV doesn't usually carry new diesel pushers, but it's not uncommon to see a used diesel motorhome for sale on our RV lot. We would love to show you the different RV types, manufacturers and styles that we carry.

These kind of motorhomes are usually about 25ft - 40ft in length and generally have anywhere from 1-4 slides outs (in case you don't know, a slide-out is a section of the RV that can "slide out" and make the living area expand.) These used to be a popular feature in motorhomes, but over the years have become more standard in motorized recreational vehicle floorpans and layouts. You will often find a queen size bed board the back with a kitchen, dinette, and living area toward the front as you enter the RV. And in truth, most RV floorpans have similar layouts. 

The family-friendly Class C Motorhome

The Class C mobile home is probably one of the most classic motorized recreational vehicles that you will find on sale, at least historically. Because RVing is a huge family activity, the Class C (or Type C) is particularly designed to accommodate the family vacation. This is primarily because of the amount of sleeping space that they provide, some as many as 8 people. While this isn't ideal for long-term RVing, for the short camping excursion, the Class C Motor home, is ideal for a family. It's also perfect for grandparents who want their grandchildren to join them. The Class C mobile home is also preferred over the Class A because of it's size. With the smaller profile and lower clearance, you can park and drive in smaller RV spaces or camp sites. In addition, when buying a Class C motorhome, you'll find that they are more affordable. We would also recommend finding a pre-owned or used motorhome for sale if you're on a budget. At Florida Outdoors RV, our selection of motorized Class Cs include the Coachmen Freelander, the Forester by Forest River and the Coachmen Prism among other used Class Cs that pass through our RV inventory. Come check out our great selection of new or used units. 

The flexible and easy-to-drive Class B Motorhome

Next, we'll talk about the Class B motorized vehicles. These guys are in a class all by themselves. You'll find that Class B motorhomes for sale are often smaller and more luxurious in their offerings. The Class B mobile home has about the size of your passenger van, only with tons of caravan (another word for RV) features. The prices are also comparable to a high end Type C motorhome. This is because of their more high end offering and at times are built on quality diesel chases like Mercedes Benz. If you plan on camping or RVing with a lot of people, then the Class B is probably not the best choice for you. The benefit to owning one of these Class B motorized vehicles is the size and gas mileage. You'll be able to park in places you wouldn't be able to with a Type A gas or diesel pusher. You'll also save on gas costs as many of them come in diesel and don't weigh as much. At Florida Outdoor RV, we don't generally carry new Type B motor homes, but we do have brands like RoadTrek come through as used Class B motorized RVs for sale on our lots in Stuart, Florida and Okeechobee, Florida. 

Unique and Specialized Motorhomes

This finally brings us to our last category of RVs. These are the Class B Plus and the Super C. These are basically hybrids of their bigger (or smaller) motorized recreational vehicle's brothers. The Class B Plus (B + ) Is much like the Type A RV, but instead of sleeping space over the driving area, you will often find a TV with cabinets. This offers more room than a normal Class B, with the size of a C. It is generally not "family" focused, but "couple" focused. If you thought the Class C was built of the family, the Super C is like a C on steroids. These vehicles you'll often find have large diesel engines and look like the front of a small semi. When shopping for these type of motor homes, they are a little harder to find on RV dealer websites because of their rarity. We've had a few of these types of motorhomes for sale (usually used) come through Florida Outdoors, and they often don't stay in our inventory for long! 

We hope that you found this article helpful. When looking for the perfect Motorhome for sale in Florida, it can be a long, but fun journey. At Florida Outdoors RV, we are here to help you figure it out. Our professional RV sales consultant have the knowledge and experience to help make the RV buying experience a good one. We believe that purchasing an RV should not be a burden, but an adventure. We would love to show you our wide selection of listed motor homes.

Quality RV Sales at Florida Outdoors RV  

Florida Outdoors RV Country (our second location) is conveniently located in in the heart of the Sunshine State, right near Lake Okeechobee. You can easily find us, because we are located next to the largest KOA (Kampgrounds of America)  in the United States. The KOA in Okeechobee is a great organization that we are proud to be next too. Our Stuart, Florida location is easily accessible a few miles east of I-95 in South Florida right in Martin County. We happily serve clients from Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie. Whether you're looking for a new or used RV, we're here to help. 

Search for New and Used Motorhomes in Classified Websites

When people search on Google for "motorhomes for sale," they may be directed to RV Trader,, or even craigslist where you can often search by state or even city. On these sites you can generally browse a wide variety of listed units. While these are useful places when shopping, and Florida Outdoors RV sometimes even has inventory on there, we encourage our clients to shop the RV dealers sites directly. This gives you an idea of the companies reputation, personality and history. Dealing with a reputable dealer is something we like to encourage. By exploring , you can explore all the pictures, descriptions and details.

Here are all the different recreational vehicle mobile homes manufactured brands we carry:

  • Forest River Georgetown
  • Coachmen Pursuit
  • Coachmen Freelander
  • Coachmen Prism
  • Thor Motor Coach Hurricane
  • Thor Motor Coach Thor
  • Thor Motor Coach Axis
  • Forest River Forester
  • Coachmen Leprechaun
  • Coachmen Orion

Other manufacturers and RV companies that you may find:

  • Bounded
  • Bounder Classic
  • Flair
  • SouthWind
  • Terra 
  • Terra SE
  • Admiral
  • Admiral SE
  • Vacationer
  • Suncruiser
  • Sunovo
  • Sunstar
  • Sunstar LX
  • and many more!


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