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When Cole Davis began the Keystone RV Company in 1996, little did he knew that the Keystone brand will become one of the most successful RV lines in the US. In 2002, the company produced one of its best-selling RV lines so far, the Keystone Laredo. While the Avalanche model is quickly becoming a favorite, the Laredo still maintains a respectable following especially since the Keystone Avalanche is strictly a fifth wheel type of recreational vehicle, the entire range of the Laredo is spread over three different types of RVs. From the travel trailer to the fifth wheel to the lightweight, there simply is a solution to what many of today's RVing public demand u2013 quality and perfection at a value that best speaks of life's greatest joys and pleasures.

For more than 13 years, the Laredo has been providing Americans with the life-sized RVing and camping experience that they require. The company marketed the Keystone Laredo as a life-sized mobile equivalent to the modern American home. This 2016, it is about time to revisit the company's best-seller and find out if it still has the capacity and the might to prepare clients to be inspired.

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General Overview of Keystone Laredo

The Laredo is available in three types of RVs: the classic travel trailer, the ultra-posh and luxurious fifth wheel design, and the ultra-modern and stylish lightweight. Regardless of the type of the Laredo, every single model from 2002 up to its latest incarnation speaks only of one thing u2013 life-sized. In fact, everything about the Keystone Laredo line is life-sized. The design team of the Laredo thought it important for RVers not to have any difficulty making the transition from the use of their modern home amenities to that of the Laredo, and back. So, if the client is accustomed to resting on a King-sized bed, then the Laredo must also have a similarly-sized bed. If the RV client is accustomed to taking a full shower with optimum freedom of movement, then such amenities must be built as well into the Laredo.

The point is that the Laredo was built primarily to make the recreational vehicle as a natural extension of the home. While motor homes can make for an excellent starter to an RV lifestyle, the rather cramped spaces as well as smaller features simply won't fit well with the discerning tastes of more serious RVers. Hence, the Laredo was designed as a home on wheels to take you where your permanent home cannot not. The Keystone Laredo, therefore, primarily served to inspire people to reach for their aspirations and dreams. As the RV has become a natural extension of the home, including all the amenities and features in a home, then the natural state of mind is left undisturbed. This sets the stage for a more inspiring living.

The LHT travel trailer variant of the Laredo boasts of a state-of-the-art aerodynamic design in a super lightweight package available in 5 different floor plans. The carrying capacity ranges from 1,495 lbs. to 2,160 lbs. The Laredo life-sized travel trailer boasts of a patented Air Glyde technology to reduce drag and make significant improvements in fuel efficiency. Available in 6 floor plans, the life-sized travel trailers have a carrying capacity of 1,313 lbs. to 1,880 lbs. The lightweight version of the Laredo fifth wheel provides all the features and amenities of a full-sized fifth wheel; however, in a very compact yet ingenious design. Available in 5 floor plans, the lightweight Keystone Laredo fifth wheel has a carrying capacity of 1,873 lbs. to 2,723 lbs. Its life-sized fifth wheel version comes in 6 floor plans and a carrying capacity range of 1,770 lbs. to 2,358 lbs.


All different models and variants of the Laredo will typically feature the same amenities and stylish decors and finishes. The flooring and side panels are beautifully layered with wood or wooden accents. Entertainment system includes an LED TV, surround sound system, and Bluetooth stereo aside from the provisions that are possible through upgrades. Some models will come with a center island countertop which also serves as food preparation table and the kitchen sink for the galley. Lighting fixtures are well-thought of to enhance the natural qualities of the textured floor surfaces as well as the brownish lacquered finish of wood accents.

The travel trailers of the Keystone Laredo feature a patented Air Glyde technology placed at the front caps in order to make significant improvements in the flow of air along the streamlined surfaces of the travel trailer, both LHT and life-sized variants. This greatly reduces drag making for a more efficient handling and navigation while at the same time improving overall fuel efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, interior cooling is ensured with the use of another patented Keystone technology, the Laredo Race Track Air Conditioning System where cool air circulation proceeds in a counterclockwise manner like the NASCAR races on Daytona, Richmond, or Indianapolis. This prevents the development of hot spots as well as the occurrence of a duct dead-end which traps air and contributes to a less than efficient management of the cooling system.

The patented Comfort Zone Climate System of the Keystone Laredo is another feature worth mentioning. The system allows for the more efficient management of thermal variations so that energy-efficiency is achieved. Additionally, comfortable heat or cold is generated more efficiently depending on the temperature of the outside environment.


The Laredo has been running on the roads of the United States for more than 13 years. It has been parked and camped in almost all the National Parks and other places of interest all over the country. Yet, with a reputation to uphold, it is understandable that the designers and creators at Keystone never stop creating newer and better technologies to ramp up the Laredo. With such a colorful history and a very strong following, one can only assume that the 2016-2017 variant of the Keystone Laredo will be even more state-of-the-art, more luxurious, and truly more responsive to the needs of the RVing public. 

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