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Like the raw power of an avalanche cascading down the snowy mountain slopes enveloping anything on its path with powdery white snow only to compact and solidify in the end, the Keystone Avalanche, one of Keystone's premium fifth wheel recreational vehicle, promises the same superb qualities and purity of features and amenities that Mother Nature's snowy spectacle has to provide. Recreational vehicles have always had a very strong following ever since man started touring the countryside, hopping from one city to the next, and often without any permanent physical address. The modest beginnings of man's recreational travels can be traced back to the origins of the covered wagons used by traveling circuses as their permanent yet highly mobile homes as they performed from one city to the next. With the invention of the diesel combustion engine, the term recreational traveling has clearly taken a new form.

Keystone, with its Avalanche, aims to reintroduce individuals and families to the joys and excitement of living where the roads will take you. After all, this is the true essence of an avalanche - it creates its own path. And with the Keystone Avalanche, it is easy to understand how this could be the motorhome equivalent to Mother Nature's icy event.

General Overview of Keystone Avalanche

When the Avalanche first rolled out in 2010 many believed that what they are seeing is simply too good to be true. With a carrying capacity ranging from 2,520 lbs. to 3,540 lbs. and an overall length of 34 feet to almost 39 feet, many believed it could not get any better. Fast forward 5 years later and the Avalanche promises yet additional improvements to the additional design. It now has 11 variants to choose from instead of the original 5. This provides RV clients with a much wider range of selection that are sure to fit any of their individual tastes. The carrying capacity now ranges from a low 2,076 lbs. to a high of 3,850 lbs. The length of the Avalanche was also significantly expanded from as short as 33 feet 11 inches to as long as 39 feet 8 inches.

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Designed primarily for the family on a weekend holiday vacation or camping trip or a serious RVing family, the Keystone Avalanche is a full-sized home that features all the comforts and amenities of today's energy efficient and truly aesthetic modern homes in 7 ingeniously designed floor plans. Dubbed by the company as its first Next Generation recreational vehicle of the fifth wheel design typology, the Avalanche boasts of huge panoramic windows that have been beautifully crafted to be frameless for superb viewing experience. Its spacious interiors inside its mammoth wide body provide for excellent hosting of even big events for the whole family or for a group of friends.

The Avalanche was designed for the RVer who demanded only the best. As such the Keystone Avalanche features excellent thermal controls in order to keep the interior temperatures at a very comfortable levels, usually in the 74 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is maintained at all times so that whoever uses the Avalanche can find comfort in the fact that whether it is scorching hot or freezing cold outside, the temperature inside the beautifully crafted Avalanche cabin stays relatively comfortable.


Camping in the great outdoors can sometimes be boring especially for the tech-crazed children and teens of today. That is no problem with the Avalanche as a 50 inch LED TV is already standard, flushed in the well detailed walls of the fifth wheel. Staying in the bedroom is not boring as well because a 32 inch LED TV can keep you entertained well into the wee hours of the morning. The sound system is wired to a Bluetooth receiver allowing you seamless access and control to your favorite songs and music wherever you are inside the Keystone Avalanche. And you don't even have to bring your own stereo headphones or earphones because the surround sound-quality premium speakers are already built into the fifth wheel cabin, both interior and exterior. This makes it an ideal command center for those get-togethers in the woods and by the lake. Some models of the Avalanche also comes with an exterior kitchen that comes complete with a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a TV to keep you busy while waiting for your dish to cook.

Everything in the Avalanche is more like the mobile equivalent of what you have at home. From King sized beds to massive windows that open into the slide box and to oversized showers so you won't feel claustrophobic while freshening up after a long haul. Or you can always relax on tri-fold sofas facing the warm fireplace on many of the variants of the Keystone Avalanche.

Thinking of whipping up a delicious meal for the entire family? With double refrigerators keeping your ingredients fresh, you can create culinary masterpieces even while on the road using the 22 inch oven and range. Food preparation is also not a problem with fully functional countertops, kitchen sinks, and faucets.

Perhaps what clearly separates the Avalanche from the rest is its centralized command center. A single panel contains all the controls, gauges, and switches necessary to operate the entire fifth wheel. Of course, upgrades are optional especially those who demand only the best and the most luxurious amenities and fixtures on the Keystone Avalanche.


While it has only been 5 years since it was first introduced to the RVing world, the Avalanche has nevertheless captured a strong segment of serious RVers. With a truly unique design and very innovative take on current technologies and integrating it with the quality craftsmanship that Keystone has been known for in the past 2 decades, having been established in 1996 by Cole Davis, the all new next-generation Avalanche continues on what its predecessors have established in 2010. It is without a doubt that the Avalanche will continue dominating the upscale luxury fifth wheel market for many more years to come. Like Mother Nature's avalanche, there is no stopping the Keystone Avalanche from taking the top of the RV world.

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