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Ever since man invented the wheel, his natural instinct to travel and live off the land where he stops for a much-needed rest has spurred the development of highly mobile homes. However, far different from the original covered wagons that used to house traveling people across the forests and prairies of Europe, today's modern covered wagons - recreational vehicles - are complete modern and stylish homes on wheels and powerful engines. And for the ultimate in RVing, nothing comes close to Class A motorhomes such as the Forest River Georgetown.

General Overview

Considered as one of the country's leading designers and manufacturers of high quality, environmentally-inspired, recreational vehicles, Forest River has created a masterpiece in its Georgetown model. True to the ideals of a Class A motorhome, the Forest River Georgetown is not actually a motorhome by today's standards. It is a motor coach or a motor suite. With state-of-the-art amenities and spacious interiors, the Georgetown epitomizes what RVing in luxury and style is all about.

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Mated to a commercial passenger bus chassis, the Georgetown is as nimble as it is huge. While one of the most common gripes about Class A motorhomes is their handling and maneuverability owing to the sheer size of the vehicle, the Georgetown surprisingly handles very well for an RV this large. You might want to consider it the F1 of luxury motorhomes. Light and nimble yet heavy on thrust and power.

The Georgetown is available in 6 well-thought out floor plans. With a wheelbase ranging from 178 inches to 242 inches and a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 18,000 to 22,000 lbs. the Forest River Georgetown provides ample floor space for the entire family with plenty of room to spare for a nanny, a few relatives, and your favorite pet.

Designed primarily to cater to RVers who prefer to make their own decisions as where to go and spend a great time together, rather than letting their destination define their road trip experiences, the Georgetown comes complete with all the luxury comforts of today's modern homes. Individuals and families who are serious about their RVing can actually live in the Georgetown itself rather than stay in one place for a really long time. After all, having a recreational vehicle is all about traveling from one place to another letting you discover many things in life and determine which ones are really important.

This is the promise of the Forest River Georgetown.

Features of the Georgetown

Available in 4 beautifully designed full body paint options u2013 blackberry, onyx, firemist, and gun metal u2013 and 8 marvelous du00e9cor options - toffee, cinnamon, slate, moonlight, expresso, mink, light sandalwood, and pebble u2013 the Georgetown is truly on a class of its own. Designed with optimum comfort in mind and excellent design efficiency, the Georgetown comes complete with all the luxury and amenities of today's posh modern homes.

The Georgetown's living quarters are simply phenomenal. With hide-a-bed sofas and well-appointed driver's and passenger's seats, the whole interior of the Georgetown speaks only of luxury. The flush floor construction further adds to the beauty and elegance of the Georgetown.

The galley of the Forest River Georgetown is beautifully detailed with kitchen countertops that have been finished in deluxe solid material. The wrap-over fiberglass roof can provide an excellent view of the nighttime sky providing an inspiration to both your cooking and relaxing pleasures. The kitchen sink is crafted in high grade stainless steel complete with surface covers that have been flushed well into the compartment for improved aesthetics. The kitchen backsplash has been intricately designed with stylish decors for a much-improved overall appeal. And with a 30 inch microwave oven to complement the marvelous Georgetown kitchen, you can whip up your own delicacy in no time at all. All you need is to pullover some farm and buy some fresh ingredients and you can be on your way to a fresher and healthier diet.

Getting the much-needed entertainment while camping or while simply resting after a long day of driving and cruising is easy with the entertainment system onboard the Forest River Georgetown. With a compact disk player that doubles as both an AM and FM radio player together with a 32 inch TV and individual DVD players in the bunk houses of the Georgetown, living on wheels will never be the same again. With a second auxiliary battery providing excellent power generation for those power-hungry activities such as cooking, heating, air conditioning, cooling, and entertainment, living in a house on wheels has never really been this much fun.

Living on the road and in the great outdoors will never be complete if you cannot take care of your elimination business in an efficient and comfortable manner. With a beautifully engineered toilet and bath, this is the ultimate in mobile bathing and elimination. The bathroom fixtures such as the sink and faucets are made of high grade stainless steel to give the Georgetown a hint of luxury even in the bathroom. A 6-gallon DSI water heater should make any shower a truly refreshing activity.

For optimum safety in driving, the Forest River Georgetown comes with full color video cameras on the side and rear of the Class A motorhome. The driver and passenger mirrors can be remotely operated as well as thermoregulated to prevent fogging especially in misty conditions. These features greatly improves the overall safety characteristics of the motor coach.


For the ultimate in RVing experience, the Georgetown is designed primarily for the driver who wants to conquer the world on his wheels. With truly state-of-the-art features and amenities coupled with a unique and ingenious stylish design, the Georgetown should be a very interesting option for those who are entertaining the idea of getting a home but dislikes the idea of having to be limited to a certain geographic location. The Forest River Georgetown aims specifically to introduce the new American to the joys and wonders of RVing where the story of life is written at every turn in the road. Such is the nature of life.


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