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The Forest River Flagstaff line is a crowd favorite, getting consistently high reviews on top RV review sites. What stands out the most is that the range of units produced by Forest River encompasses not only travel trailers and 5th wheels, but also pop-ups, tent trailers and even hybrids! 

There is seriously no lack of choice, no matter what your camping needs may be.

Here is an overview of what's available, and the most notable features of the units.

Shamrock Expandable Travel Trailers

Starting with one of the most versatile models, the Shamrock models are perfect for those who don't want to haul a big rig, but want lots of room for everyone to sleep and be comfortable. But these units are also a great option for those who want to haul bikes, ATVs or other cargo that can be unloaded once the campsite is reached.

Most of the Shamrock models allow for expansion of two 60x80" beds, but the 233S has THREE beds of that size. All but one of the Shamrock models offer slideouts, ensuring that there is plenty of room inside to relax without feeling cramped.

However, the star of the show is the 21SSL, which features 96" of front deck storage to bring that ATV everywhere you want to ride it: it features expandable metal decking, as well. A smaller model is available for those who only need a bike deck with bike carrier.

V-Lite Travel Trailers

These unusual designs extend the nose of the trailer almost right up to the hitch, utilizing every last inch of space. A number of configurations are available for this unit, placing the vee inside the kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms. All of the V-lite models come with multiple slideouts. 

Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

These unique little beauties give you the best of both worlds, adding the hard sides of a travel trailer to all the towing and storage advantages of a classic tent camper. With this unit you still get the quick, easy set up, with staying fully enclosed and protected by the roof and walls.

Flagstaff Tent Campers

Just in case youu2019re ready to roll with tent campers, you will certainly want to check out these fabulous Flagstaff models. All of the units come pre-equipped with functional kitchens, dinettes and two beds, many of which also feature gas grills, some type of toilet accommodations and slideouts. There is even one with 105x84u201d front deck storage.

Sports Enthusiast Package

This one is for all those active campers who need to haul their equipment as well as their lodging. Whether it's kayaks, canoes, bikes or more, these models feature a space that is easy to reach and will accommodate up to 150 pounds of a wide variety of sports equipment, owing to the fact that permanent mount cross-bars create a load-bearing surface. In fact, one model comes with a huge 54x84" deck for storage.

There are some nice treats inside, as well, including a digital receiver with Bluetooth, MP3 player with USB and auxiliary ports, recharging station for your other devices with 2 more USB ports, optional AC prep and spacious off-the-ground beds with quilted-top heated mattresses. 


Micro Lite Travel Trailers

The Flagstaff line is all about light weight. In fact, these models are at the extreme end of full sized travel trailers. Ranging in size from 20'4" to 25'9" and hitch weights of 386 to 625 pounds, these units don't compromise on comfort.

All Micro Lite models have queen beds except for one model which features a bottom bunk of 48x78" and top bunk of 36x76". 3 models offer bunks in addition to the queen bed, 2 with sizes 30x72" and one sized 26x72". 9 of the 13 models have slideouts and about half offer tubs in addition to showers.

Super Lite Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels
Moving up just a bit in size, the Super Lite range also includes Fifth Wheels, but there is a special Super V Lite line within this one. It features pointed noses for extra space. 

Here is how they stack up:

Super V Lite Travel Trailers 4 models ranging in size from 29'9" to 31'9", hitch weights from 708 to 840 pounds. All feature slideouts and separate bedrooms, 3 have hid-a-bed sofas. The largest offers a king sized U shaped dinette.

Super Lite Travel Trailers 10 models ranging in size from 25'1" to 33'9", hitch weights from 598 to 830 pounds. There is a large variety in the configurations. For example, all models feature multiple slideouts, some of which have separate bedrooms. Buyers may want to beware of those which require you to enter a bedroom through the bathroom or pass through the bedroom to enter the bathroom.

Super Lite Fifth Wheels 3 models 27'6" to 30'1", hitch weights from 1,244 to 1,498 pounds. All of these units have separate bedrooms and slideouts, 2 have hidabed sofas.

Classic Super Light

These are the jumbo sized super light travel trailers and fifth wheels, known for their open floor plans, generous storage and outstanding features to enhance any camping experience. There are a whopping nine models of Fifth Wheels to choose from, sized 27' to 33'10", with hitch weights from 1,095 to 1,662 pounds.

These fifth wheels lack absolutely nothing. It hard to distinguish their amenities from the most comfortable home you can think of. With separate bedrooms and spacious living areas, there is no question of everyone enjoying the ultimate camping experience.

The Classic Travel Trailers offer 10 models, sized 34'9" to 35'3", hitch weights from 821 to 1,119 pounds. These travel trailers have amazingly spacious configurations, most with two separate bedrooms, but the bunk room often doubling as a very comfortable living area. Multiple slideouts offer even more room to spread out once you are parked and ready to settle in.


The Forest River Flagstaff line has managed to bring the most comfort and amenities to the smallest and lightest of designs. No matter which type of camper best suits your needs, you are likely to be pleased with what you get in any model you choose.

From the tiniest Sports Enthusiast Package to the ultimate Classic Super Light travel trailers, it is hard to imagine more efficient designs. Families and solo travelers alike will find something to love in the Flagstaff range.


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