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Far from the Irish folklore character guarding his pot of gold at the end of each rainbow, the Coachmen Leprechaun is nonetheless described as the pot of gold of RV motorhomes itself. First introduced in 1973, the newest incarnation of the Leprechaun promises to be a lot better than its predecessors. After all, the Leprechaun has always been marketed as the better stuff that RVers with discerning tastes require.

General Overview

The Coachmen Leprechaun was primarily intended to appeal to the growing number of Americans who were discovering the joys and thrills of RVing in the 70s and well into the 80s. The requirement was simple enough: create a recreational vehicle that will contain all the modern conveniences, amenities, and comfort of home in a stylish and elegant design that motorhome owners will be proud to strut either on busy city streets or on lazy backcountry roads. They demanded better RVs with better amenities, better equipment, and better handling. They simply needed something a lot better than what existing recreational vehicles had to offer at the time.

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Relying on its decades-old of experience designing, crafting, and building recreational vehicles, Coachmen heeded the call and introduced the Coachmen Leprechaun in 1973 and has since been the hallmark of success of the pioneering RV company.

Today's Leprechaun comes with a choice or rich full body paint or a caramel colored fiberglass that speaks of the elegant styling that the Leprechaun has been known for and truly adored by its generations of Leprechaun owners. With better safety standards and better manufacturing processes, today's Leprechaun is simply way better than its predecessors.

Mated to a choice of Ford F350, F450, and a Chevrolet Kodiak 4500 chassis, the Leprechaun continues to provide the same power and handling that its predecessors have won acclaim. There are 2 floor plans on the F350, 6 on the F450, and 3 on the Kodiak 4500 to provide todayu2019s RVers with a wide selection of floor plans that will suit their discerning tastes. The F350 comes in either 158 inches or 168 inches of wheelbase with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 12,500 lbs. The Coachmen Leprechaun F450 comes in a wheelbase that ranges from 182 inches to 223 inches with a standard GVWR of 14,500 lbs. In the middle of the range, albeit taking on the muscular look that Chevys are known for, is the Kodiak 4500 with a wheelbase of 159, 169, and 191 inches with a standard GVWR of 14,200 lbs. All three models of the Leprechaun have an exterior width of 102 inches and an awning size of 11 feet to 21 feet. This should be spacious enough for those extra space requirements


The Coachmen Leprechaun comes with a deluxe chassis package complete with driver and passenger airbags, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, power windows and locks, and factory reclining pilot and passenger seats. The RV floor is composed of Vacu-Bond laminated steel 2 inches thick with 2-inch thick aluminum sidewalls that are also Vacu-Bonded. The entrance door is wide enough at 80 inches and comes with a deadbolt lock for extra security. The exterior comes complete with a vinyl graphics package that can be customized to the needs of the Leprechaun owner. It also comes with a backup camera for added safety fully integrated into the steel tube rear bumper. The exterior mirrors have all been upgraded to allow for better safety and improved styling.

The interior is loaded with wood accents from the cabinets to door panels and sidewalls with the hardware taking on a satin nickel finish. The Coachmen Leprechaun dinette can come in a variety of designs often depending on the model that is chosen. Dinettes can come in booth style, U-style, and J-style with a selection of a dinette mechanism, a pull-out seat, or a barrel chair on selected models. A standard on all models is a shaker style bath door that has been fully upgraded for both form and function.

The galley on the Leprechaun is not to be belittled as it comes standard with a 3-burner Atwood cooktop with oven and a microwave to allow families to whip up some delicious meals on the road. The kitchen faucet is finished in satin nickel atop a single or double bowl kitchen sink, depending on the model. There is a 1-piece Thermo foil countertop with some models allowing for a kitchen countertop flip-up extension. A flush mounted double door ref comes standard, perfect for cooling refreshing drinks on a hot roll.

Taking a bath or relieving oneself is not a problem with the Coachmen Leprechaun stylish bath with porcelain foot flush toilet and a beautifully molded shower pan lighted by a shower skylight. The shower head, faucet, robe hooks, towel rings, and toilet paper holders are all finished in satin nickel. With a 6-gallon Atwood gas DSI water heater, taking a shower becomes refreshing even on a cold weather.

The sleeping quarters, while small, are nevertheless cozy and comfy. The Leprechaunu2019s electrical systems, heating, and air conditioning are all fully integrated into its layout. Of course, for clients who want more, customizations through upgrades are possible.

All Leprechaun models come with a 1-year or 12,000 mile limited warranty and subscription to Travel Easy Roadside Assistance program. Both Ford and Chevrolet provide a 3-year or 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on its chassis and a 5-year or 60,000 mile warranty on the powertrain.

Coachmen Leprechaun Verdict

The Leprechaun truly lives up to its mantra of being better. From better aesthetics to better energy-saving features to better handling and better overall performance, the Coachmen Leprechaun has truly lived up to its reputation as being the true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of recreational vehicles. While the living space might not be enough for an extended family or a whole bunch of friends on a Spring break adventure, it does live up to its reputation of providing only the best in the world or recreational driving and touring. Who knows, with Coachmen steadily improving on its craft, there might be another Leprechaun waiting in another rainbow.

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