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The Coachmen Freelander is hoping to renew the passion among Americans for motorized homes. With more than half a century of experience designing, building, and selling recreational vehicles that have dotted many of the national parks of the United States and that have lined many freeways and highways since 1964, Coachmen remains true to its core principle of being dedicated to the enrichment of their customers' lives. With superior craftsmanship and value placed on the construction of America's famed motorhomes, it is expected that the Freelander will be able to capture the free-wheeling spirit of the 60's and 70's Americans when freedom was not only a distant idea but something that can be enjoyed to the fullest. And this is what Freelander aims to give especially to first-time RVers who may not have the financial resources to buy a dedicated fifth wheel or trailer.

General Overview

The Coachmen Freelander is a standalone motor home that requires no towing or latching on. This is the ideal solution for individuals or families who are thinking of buying an SUV or a family van for those camping out trips in the great American outdoors. The company has launched the Freelander fully equipped with all the amenities and comforts of modern day living so that individuals and families alike can get the most out of their travels staying in the home-y comforts of the Freelander motorhome.

The Freelander has 4 variants mated to a Ford or Chevy base. The smallest Freelander variant is mated to a Ford Transit full-sized commercial van with a wheelbase of about 156 inches and a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,360 lbs. For individuals who may wish a more powerful and more masculine look, the Freelander can come mated to a Chevy Kodiak C4500 with a wheelbase ranging from 159 inches to 224 inches and a GVWR of 14,200 lbs. regardless of the wheelbase rating. For a more streamlined, tamer yet equally powerful look, the Coachmen Freelander can also be mated to either the Ford F450 or the F350 with the former offering significantly wider wheelbase at 208 to 223 inches while the F350 has 158 to 194 inches of wheelbase. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for the F350 is 12,500 lbs. while the F450 is rated at 14,500 lbs. which is significantly greater than the Chevy 4500.

With these powerhouses as base for the Freelander, it is ensured that whoever sits behind the wheel and stays inside the cabin are sure to find the greatest joys of recreational driving. The Freelander, with all its improvements, still boasts of the same design ingenuity that has become the trademark of Coachmen providing the right balance of aesthetics, functionality, and absolute value in a product that has been leading the way in RV sales for more than a decade.

Freelander Features

The Coachmen Freelander comes complete with well-thought out interior appointments, a well-themed sleeping quarters, a fully functional galley, a modern toilet and bath, and superb heating and air conditioning controls for excellent control of ambient temperatures especially when in the great outdoors.

The cabinets are beautifully designed in wood accents to complement the Congoleum designer series flooring and pleated night shades. There is a selection of a J-dinette, a booth dinette, of a banana U-shaped dinette to complement the kind of dining style that individuals may have. The shaker style bath door has been masterfully upgrades with interior safety grab handles at the door for optimum safety.

The Coachmen Freelander galley comes complete with a kitchen faucet in satin nickel finish complete with a choice of single or double bowl kitchen sink with a kitchen flip-up countertop extension. The galley includes a residential size microwave oven plus a lighted power range hood. There is also a double door refrigerator flush mounted onto the wall for optimum space saving.

The bathroom comes with a shower pan constructed of molded plastic complete with shower skylight to make showering more pleasant. The bathroom faucet comes in dual knob atop a single bowl bathroom sink with a beautifully crafted vanity mirror. All the amenities individuals will need to have a relaxing and comforting shower are masterfully integrated into the Coachmen Freelander. The toilet comes with a foot flush system and an easy access door to the motorhome's waste termination center.

A residential queen bed comes standard on the F350, F450, and the 4500 while the Transit only has a twin bed, but nevertheless cozy and comfy for a good night's rest after a long day of driving. Some variants have bunk beds with a sleeper or a dinette complete with a cabover bunk and ladder. While the sleeping quarters are only kept private by an interior cab privacy curtain, it nevertheless serves the function.

The Coachmen Freelander comes with a systems command center for centralized control of all the electrical parts of the motorhome. There is a wall mounted thermostat, and auxiliary battery disconnect, a 30 amp power cord, a 55 am electric converter, and a 12v USB charging station. For safety inside the Freelander, LP leak alarm, smoke detector, and carbon monoxide detector come as standard. Additionally, there is a fire extinguisher on hand to put out fires. The Freelander also comes with other compartments that can accommodate other upgrades such as a bedroom TV and an exterior TV.

All the variants of the Freelander comes with a standard 12-month or 12,000 mile limited warranty and a 1-year free subscription to Travel Easy Roadside Assistance in addition to the warranty given on the chassis.


The Coachmen Freelander is a dream motorhome for the uninitiated and the pinnacle of RV design and craftsmanship among serious RVers. While the Freelander is great for first-time RVers to get used to the thrill and fun of touring the countryside in a motorhome, for those who require a much bigger space and have the financial resources to go with it might have a better choice in other motorhome models from Coachmen. For owners of an SUV, maybe a fifth wheel or a travel trailer might be a better idea. Nevertheless, the Freelander is an excellent way to introduce the wonders of RVing to many new Americans.

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