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The Coachmen Apex series represents a dramatic departure from their previous offerings. For instance, construction of the unit was switched from wood to a material that weighs 50% less, resulting in an ultra-light travel trailer that can be pulled by vehicles weighing half-ton or less. 

Basing designs on feedback from customers, Coachmen offers 18 different models of travel trailers in a variety of widths, every one of which includes perennial favorites E-Z lube axles, stabilizer jacks and outdoor speakers.

What We Like

Unique Design Touches When Coachmen say they pay attention to feedback, their designs are proof of that claim. You just know it had to be frequent campers who requested a model that slept 10 people and had an outside entrance to the bathroom so everyone wasn't always tramping dirt inside every time they needed to use it.

Choices, and MORE Choices 18 different models include drastically different designs, and we aren't just talking about the availability of slideouts. Exterior length of the units ranges from 18'7" to 34'3", while the Hitch weight revolves around a measly 316 pounds to a reasonable 740 pounds.

Most of the units by Coachmen come pre-equipped with outside refrigerators, full kitchens, camp kitchens, as well as Tubs, slideouts, one or two beds, bunks and more.

There are:


  • 2 Nano Expandables
  • 5 Apex Nano models
  • Another 5 7.5 foot wide models
  • 5 8' Wide Travel Trailers
  • 5 8' Wide Deep Slides models

A Few Drawbacks?

The entire series seems to have struck gold with campers. 5 star reviews on multiple models only confirm the buyer satisfaction and unparalleled comfort. Perhaps the only thing that would make it a bit easier for the buyers to decide on which models to choose would be a little more detail about some features. 

[However, though Prime Time's website may not offer this information, our experience salesmen know the answer to these questions, so we're happy to answer whatever you have! You can also find more individual pictures of these units on our website.] 

For instance, what exactly is the difference between the camp and outdoor kitchens? Even a photo would help, but there doesn't seem to be any exterior photos with those details listed.

With so many variations, it is really necessary to note which models offers what features, or it will take forever to figure out exactly where to focus. 

So here are the main distinguishing characteristics of each model.


  • 7.5 Foot Wide Models
  • Apex Nano Expandables
  • 15X 18'7" with 2 Queen beds
  • 17X 20'7" with 2 Queen beds and a slideout with the dinette

Apex Nano


  • 172CKS 19'11" with a convertible dinette and a slideout for part of the kitchen
  • 185BH 20'6" with one 54x80" bed, two 30x74' bunks and a tub/shower
  • 187RB 21'4" with one queen bed and a tub/shower
  • 191RBS 21'10" with one queen bed, tub/shower and slideout with dinette
  • 193BHS 22'1" with one queen bed, 2 30x74" bunks, tub/shower and slideout with dinette

7.5' Wide Travel Trailers


  • 212RB 24'6" Queen bed, slideout with a convertible dinette
  • 214RB Seems to be almost identical to the 212RB, with the addition of an entertainment center at the foot of the bed and a larger window.
  • 215RBK 25'4" with Queen bed, slideout with convertible dinette, entertainment center at foot of bed plus an outdoor kitchen.
  • 22QBS 22'5" with a Queen bed and, instead of a dinette, a sofa with freestanding table.
  • 235BHS 26'7" with a Queen bed, bunks, slideout with convertible dinette, tub/shower

8 Foot Wide Models

  • 239RBS 25'11" with Queen bed and slideout with sofa, hidabed optional
  • 249RBS 28'3" with separate Queen bedroom, entertainment center and slideout with sofa, hideabed optional. Two entries, one into the toilet cubicle.
  • 258RKS 28'6" with separate Queen bedroom, slideout with sofa, hideabed optional, two entries, one into bedroom and one into rear kitchen.
  • 288BHS 31'2" with separate Queen bedroom, double-sized bunk beds, entertainment center, slideout containing part of the kitchen and a sofa, hideabed optional, tub/shower, two entries, one into bathroom.
  • 300BHS 34'3" with separate Queen bedroom, bunkroom with 2 30x74u201d bunks plus a futon with a bunk overhead, slideout with part of kitchen and sofa, hideabed optional, entertainment center, tub/shower and outdoor kitchen.

8' Wide Deep Slides

  • 250RLS 29'5" with separate Queen bedroom, sofa with optional hideabed, slideout with U shaped dinette, entertainment center and outside refrigerator.
  • 259BHSS Separate Queen bedroom, double sized bunk beds, 2 slideouts: one with U shaped dinette and 2nd on other side with part of kitchen, kitchen island, entertainment center, tub/shower. Note: There is no separate sofa in this model.
  • 269RBSS 29'10" with separate Queen bedroom, 2 slideouts: one with U shaped dinette and sofa, hideabed optional and the other with part of kitchen, kitchen island and extra large pantry closet, entertainment center.
  • 275BHSS 30'11" with separate Queen bedroom, double sized bunks, 2 slideouts: one with dinette and sofa, hideabed optional and the other with part of kitchen, entertainment center, tub/shower and camp kitchen.
  • 276BHSS 30'11" with separate Queen bedroom, double sized bunks, slideout with dinette and sofa, hideabed optional, kitchen island, entertainment center, tub/shower and camp kitchen.
  • 279RLSS 31' with separate Queen bedroom, 1 slideout containing U shaped dinette and sofa, hideabed optional, 2 extra club chairs with end tables, 2 entries: one into bedroom and one into sitting area.
  • 289TBSS 32'4" with separate Queen bedroom, bunkroom with 2 30x74" bunks and sofa with flip up bunk, 1 slideout containing dinette and sofa, hideabed optional, camp kitchen.

There is obviously enough variety for everyone to find a model to suit their needs. However, there are a few models that deserve to be noted for families in particular. 

Families who want the smallest size that will fit everyone will love the 20.5' 185BH with its with one 54x80" bed, two 30x74' bunks and a tub/shower.

Going larger, though, gets you the 275BH with a separate bedroom, double sized bunk beds, tub/shower and a camp kitchen in 30'11".

The ultimate, however, would be the 289TBSS. Because the bunk room of this unit is separate, and contains a sofa, so it's almost like a playroom for the kids. It still also features the tub/shower and camp kitchen, as well, so, in essence, there is literally nothing left to be desired from this model.

In a nutshell, Coachmen has done an excellent job of providing its customers with everything they've asked for. 

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