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Class C motor homes are a great choice for families or for couples who want to have a roomier and more comfortable travel experience. Putting the sleeping area above the truck chassis means there is more living area available in the body of the motor home. 

We have all seen Class C motor homes tooling around the nation in the spring and summer months. They are easy to recognize because of the "cab-over" section that overhangs the body of the truck chassis upon which the home part of the structure is built. In most models, this cab-over area is where you will find the bed. Just below the cab-over, you will find a passageway that leads into the living area of the vehicle. This passageway can also be accessed from the driver's compartment by taking a few steps up. 

A Class C motor home may be fairly short with just a double or queen sized sleeping space above the cab. Alternately,the frame of the truck may be extended and more sleeping space added at the back of the structure. Either way, this design provides ample room for living and enjoying your travel experience. 

A Class C usually boasts larger tanks for propane, fresh water and waste water. Additionally, appliances, such as stove and refrigerator are usually larger. The dining area is usually separate and provides plenty of space for spreading out and relaxing, playing games or just talking around the table. The kitchen area typically has ample storage space for food, pots, pans, utensils and so on. 

Class C motor homes usually have larger, more comfortable and more functional bathrooms, too. Whereas smaller types of motor homes may just have a little waterproofed closet of sorts that contains the shower, toilet and sink all lumped together, a Class C will have a fairly standard bathroom with cabinets for storage and maybe even a little tub. 

The Pros And Cons Of A Class C Motor Home
When compared with a Class A (camper style) motor home, many people prefer the Class C because it is easier to get from the driver's compartment into the body of the motor home. This is a safety factor as well as a convenience factor. It gives an alternate escape route in case of fire or other problem in the interior of the home. Additionally, it gives the occupants the ability to get into the driver's seat and drive away in case of emergency without having to exit and reenter the vehicle. 

Compared with other types of motor homes, a Class C is pretty easy to drive. It's like driving the sort of moving truck or van that is available for rental. 

If you are planning on taking a lengthy vacation, a Class C is an excellent choice because of the added comfort and space. You will have plenty of room for your family members and all their stuff when you take a trip in a Class C. 

The basic vehicle upon which a Class C is constructed is strong and durable. With the stronger motor, you will be able to tow a small car or a boat if you wish. 

Of course, having a big, strong motor also has it's negative points. With a Class C, you will use more fuel than you would with a Class B. 

You may also find that the size and height of a Class C cause you to be somewhat limited in where you can park. Class C motor homes are pretty tall. If you add on a satellite dish, or if your vents and AC are fairly high, you will need to be careful not to knock them off on low hanging limbs or other obstacles. You may also have some trouble finding big enough camp sites. 

A Class C motor home is very obviously a motor home. If your city has ordinances against parking a motor home on your property, you won't be able to get away with keeping it in your driveway. You'll need to rent a place to keep it elsewhere. 

By weighing all of the information above and comparing it with descriptions of Class A and Class B motor homes, you should be able to make a wise selection in the type of motor home you want and need. In the final analysis, if you value lots of living space in your camper, don't mind spending a little more on gas and have a good place to store your motor home, a Class C may be just the right choice for you. 

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