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In order to purchase an effective, efficient and reliable motor home, or recreational vehicle as it is also known, it is necessary to have a strong understanding of these types of transport machines.  There is a great deal of information available online, and it is imperative one is aware of the different characteristics noted as part of the motor home in order to make an informed decision.  This article acts as a brief guide to motor homes, the class A motor home in particular, and will assist in helping one make a knowledgeable purchase.

There are various types of motor homes ranging from Class A (used Class A motor homes) to Class B Plus recreational vehicles.  The class A type of recreational vehicle is the largest and most spacious presenting in the same shape as a bus with an approximate size of 28-45 feet.  This type of motor home is a self-contained vehicle and has its own drive train with either a diesel or gas engine, which is quite beneficial to the owner.  

Class A motor homes are primarily utilized for camping purposes and can be seen at campgrounds over the holiday period.  They have a highly advantageous feature in that the class A motor homes are able to connect to underground water, electric and sewer utilities.  Furthermore, they are very convenient and easy to drive on large motorways through contrasting driving conditions; however, it is recommended that high winds and tight city conditions be avoided as much as possible.

Class A motor homes in the 21st century have been amended to allow owners to both travel and live in the vehicle to greater extents than before.  The recreational vehicles are now filled with beneficial facilities and amenities including fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms and living areas with air conditioning and central heating.  Some class A motor homes also present with abundant storage space compartments and closets which are enhanced via the use of 'slide out' walls.  Recreational vehicles have also presented with built-in microwaves, refrigerators, and cable television connections to improve the holiday experience.


Investment into a Class A Motor Home

While current motor homes are used for residential purposes, they are primarily intended for vacations by families and those who are retired.  Purchasing a class A motor home is a great investment and requires deep consideration before buying.  Not only is the vehicle a large item to purchase, but the amount being spent is also large as class A motor home is estimated to cost somewhere in the region of $60,000-$1,000,000.
Of course, one must remember that costs do not cease after initial purchase of the motor home.  As a recreational unit is a liability the item will depreciate in value as the years pass and ongoing maintenance will be required.  Furthermore, the cost of fuel must be examined.  Unlike the common vehicle that utilizes a small amount of fuel, the class A motor home runs off gallons of fuel and one will obtain a minimum of 10 miles per gallon.

Motor homes are a great investment that can be enjoyable to manage and use when traveling.  I hope you enjoyed this article  to assist you in making an informed decision on purchasing a class A recreational vehicle. 


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