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  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
    Three Questions To Ask When Buying An RV

    Choosing An RV From Florida Outdoors RV

    Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about buying an RV travel trailer or motorhome for a while now, but haven’t put much thought into exactly what you would choose. Florida Outdoors RV is here to help! In this blog post, we’ll discuss three broad questions to consider when you’re looking for an RV. After you’ve finished reading, check out our Motorhome FAQs or Travel Trailer vs Motorhome post for even more information to help you decide!

    Question 1: Do You Want A Travel Trailer Or Motorhome?

    First, you will need to decide between the two common classifications of RVs: travel trailer and motorhome. If you want a trailer that you hitch to a tow vehicle, a travel trailer is for you! You can also choose a fifth wheel RV, which connects to a special attachment point within the bed of a truck. A motorhome combines a vehicle engine and sleeping/living quarters into one drivable unit.

    A motorhome is usually going to require more ongoing maintenance because it has an engine and other vehicle components. On the flipside, a travel trailer is going to put more strain on your tow vehicle. If you don’t have a capable tow vehicle and would like a travel trailer, you’ll need to take that into account from a budget and features perspective. 

    Question 2: Do You Want To Buy A New Or Used RV?

    Why Buy A New RV?

    Buying a new RV is exciting, and it can be the right choice for a lot of people. If you have the appropriate budget and want everything to be just how you like it from the get-go, a new RV is a great option. You won’t have to consider the previous history of the RV, past wear and tear, upcoming part replacements, or appliance upgrades. For a new RV that’s as ready for the next adventure as you are, call or visit Florida Outdoors RV today!

    Why Choose A Used RV?

    It’s no surprise that a used RV is typically a more budget-friendly option than a new RV. This is probably the most appealing factor, especially if you choose a thoroughly inspected pre-owned RV from Florida Outdoors RV. We make sure everything is in working order so you won’t run into any surprises on the way home.

    A used RV can also be a great fit for someone who wants an exciting DIY project! Redoing an RV travel trailer or motorhome to fit your design and lifestyle preferences can be tons of fun, and it’s an enjoyable way to spend the money you saved by buying a used RV.

    Question 3: How Much Space Do You Need?

    If you’re going to be traveling with a lot of belongings, equipment, people, or all of the above, you’re going to want plenty of room! RV travel trailers come in a variety of lengths, so you’ll want to choose the size that can accommodate all of the people, pets, and things you’re bringing along for the ride.

    Motorhomes come in three types: Class A, Class B, and Class C. A Class A motorhome will have the most space, but they can also be expensive! You can get creative with the sleeping arrangements and storage inside Class B and C motorhomes, so don’t rule them out. The more compact nature of the Class B and C motorhomes (compared to a Class A) can actually be more convenient for traveling, as you won’t be tempted to overpack.

    Call Florida Outdoors RV To Help Finalize Your Decision 

    We know it’s a tough call when so many RVs could be the right one for you! Our friendly staff at Florida Outdoors RV is standing by to make the process a little easier. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. Contact us or visit one of our locations today

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