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  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
    Read These Motorhome FAQs Before You Buy An RV

    Your Motorhome Questions Answered By Florida Outdoors RV

    At Florida Outdoors RV, you could say we have a thing for all things RV. We’re not partial to a specific model or brand, because we know any RV can be the dream RV for someone. When you’re ready to buy your first RV or switch it up with a different model, you can trust the helpful staff at Florida Outdoors RV to help you choose the best fit for you. Now, let’s answer those burning motorhome questions!*

    *If your motorhome is burning please call the fire department.

    How is a motorhome different from a travel trailer?

    A motorhome is the type of RV you can drive! It has living/sleeping quarters as well as a vehicle engine. A travel trailer, on the other hand, does not have a vehicle engine. You must hitch the trailer to your tow vehicle or into the bed of your truck if it is a fifth wheel model. Both motorhomes and travel trailers fall under the broad category of RV, which simply stands for “recreational vehicle.”

    How are motorhomes classified and what does the classification mean?

    Motorhomes are divided into three classes: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A RVs are the big ones! They look a bit like a bus with a flat face. Class B RVs are the smallest of the three classes. They are similar in shape to a van, which is why they are sometimes called camper vans. Class C RVs are like a hybrid of the Class A and Class B types. There is a more distinct visual separation of the chassis cab and sleeping quarters (usually located in the extension above the cab).

    What are the price ranges for Class A, B, and C motorhomes?

    Realistically, your starting point for a new Class A model will be in the mid $70,000s. You can essentially spend as much as you’d like on a Class A RV, with some ultra-luxury models coming in at over $1 million.

    A Class B RV will cost typically between $40,000 and $80,000. You can spend over $100,000 on a Class B RV if you buy a nicer model with added amenities

    A Class C has a slightly higher base price than a Class B (around $60,000), but it tends to fall below the upper end of a more luxurious Class B.

    Upgrades and added amenities, as well as whether you buy new or used, will affect the final price of your motorhome. At Florida Outdoors RV, we have a great selection of new and used Class A and Class C RVs for any budget. We also offer financing options!

    Where can I learn more about RV terms and jargon?

    If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, it can feel a little overwhelming! There are many new words to understand, but once you learn them, you’ll have a much easier time choosing and maintaining your RV. Florida Outdoors RV has compiled this helpful RV Glossary for your convenience.

    Is it hard to drive and park a motorhome?

    The most difficult motorhome to drive is probably the Class A, simply due to its size. With practice, patience, and attention, you’ll get used to the feeling of driving such a large RV. Class B and C motorhomes are much easier to maneuver, especially in camping sites and parking lots.

    When choosing a motorhome, consider the destinations you’d like to visit most often, as well as the routes you’ll take to get to them. Also keep in mind your tolerance for driving. We understand that some people can get stressed out when driving large vehicles (especially on a cross-country road trip). This doesn’t mean a motorhome isn’t for you! At Florida Outdoors RV, we’re happy to help you find the RV that suits your driving preferences.

    What can I expect from a motorhome in terms of fuel economy?

    As you may have guessed, motorhomes are not known for their high MPG ratings! You’re essentially driving a small house (or at least a room in a house), so expect single-digit miles per gallon in most cases. Driving style, road conditions, and RV class all play a role in fuel efficiency.

    One interesting fact about motorhome fuel economy is that it will decrease as your driving speed increases. This is due to wind resistance. Try gauging your miles per gallon at 50 mph to start, and at 5 mph increments thereafter to determine the most fuel-efficient speed for your RV. 

    What maintenance should I complete on my motorhome before a trip?

    • Ensure all loose objects and furniture are tied down or secured completely
    • Disconnect shore power and any other connections (fresh water hose, sewer hose, etc.)
    • Retract awning and slides
    • Unplug any appliances and other electrically-powered items
    • Check your tire treads and tire pressure
    • Test headlights and brake lights
    • Remove any debris from the roof
    • Make sure all doors and storage components are closed and locked

    When your RV needs maintenance and repairs, visit our service department at Florida Outdoors RV!

    Can I move about the motorhome while someone else is driving it? What about bathroom breaks?

    While you can walk around inside your motorhome while it is in motion, we don’t recommend it due to safety concerns. You wouldn’t ride in a car without a seatbelt, right? The inside of a motorhome can be so cozy and homey that it makes you forget you’re still inside a vehicle, but the reality is that you can be severely injured if you are not securely in your seat when a motorhome abruptly stops, turns, or is involved in an accident.

    With this in mind, a motorhome restroom can be used while the RV is in motion, at least functionally. However, the safest way to utilize a motorhome bathroom is when the RV is stopped at a low-traffic location. Even so, the privacy and convenience of having a bathroom just steps away for your entire trip is unbeatable!

    What Is The Best Motorhome On The Market?

    At Florida Outdoors RV, we know that choosing a motorhome can be a daunting task. There are just so many options! While you might be disappointed to hear that we simply can’t recommend the “best” RV available, we have an even better recommendation: we can help you choose the absolute best motorhome for you! Our friendly staff makes it their mission to understand your RV lifestyle goals, budget, and travel preferences to make sure you end up in the motorhome that fits your needs.

    When you’re ready to buy, sell, consign, or trade in an RV travel trailer or motorhome, count on Florida Outdoors RV to make the process quick and easy. If you already own an RV and need services or repairs, our service department and body shop are some of the best in the Sunshine State.

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