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  • Published on Jan 04, 2018

    If you're one of the 40.1 million Americans who went camping in 2013 and plan to go in years beyond, then you've probably invested in a folding camper trailer or a deluxe RV, like a full-blown London Aire RV. But there's more to RV camping than just the vehicle itself!

    If you really want to get into the camping spirit, you need some camper accessories to jump start your adventuring. Here are some of the best camper accessories to invest in if you're planning on camping in the upcoming season!

    Solar Charger

    Still want to use your phone or iPad in the great outdoors? Rather than depleting your RV battery or another generator, why not try a solar device charger? This way you can charge everything up in the sun and have enough battery life to last the night through. As solar panels become both more effective and cheaper, RV solar chargers are becoming some of the hottest accessories at RV parts stores around the country.


    This is a fairly basic addition to your RV or camper, but relying on a phone GPS isn't always the best (or the safest) plan. Stand-alone GPS units can offer service where many phones can't, and they are generally a more reliable option when you're going off-grid.

    Two-Way Radios

    Even if you're planning on staying relatively close to your campsite, walkie-talkies can be a great method of communication. Not only are they convenient, they can be fun for the whole family! For reasons best understood by your inner child, young kids love walkie-talkies. Not to mention, they're helpful tools in the effort to ditch smartphones during family camping trips.

    French Press Coffee Maker

    When it comes to camping, you won't always have the luxury of an electric coffee maker in your RV. A French press can create single or multiple cups of coffee without any electricity at all, plus they're way more eco-friendly than those single-serve coffee pods.

    Mobile Wifi Hotspot

    Not sure whether the plants near your campsite are poison ivy or not? Investing in a mobile WiFi hotspot can provide you with internet access to look up important things that you might not be able to recall from memory. It can make your camping experience easier than browsing through the RV superstore.

    If you're a camping enthusiast, these RV accessories should definitely be on your shopping list. What are you waiting for? Visit an RV parts store near you and stock up before your next camping trip.


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