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  • Published on Jan 04, 2018

    Owning an RV gives you the freedom to roam the country's roads for days, weeks, or even months at a time. But with that freedom comes a serious responsibility. Driving for extended periods of time can cause driver fatigue, creating a potentially dangerous situation for the driver, passengers, and everyone else on the road.

    According to the National Safety Council, a staggering 37% of drivers have nodded off at the wheel at least once since receiving their driver's license.

    Whether you're cruising along in an Airstream Interstate van or a Jayco Eagle Premier camper, or towing a Fifth Wheel trailer, the struggle to stay awake will be the same. Here's what you can do:
    1. Get a good night's sleep
      Adults typically need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. The duration of your sleep isn't the only important factor, however. The quality of your slumber is just as important as the quantity, so if your sleep is frequently being interrupted, you are more likely to experience fatigue during the day.

    2. Don't delay
      Avoid starting a long drive late in the day, particularly at night. Driving in the dark can cause driver hypnosis. The sunlight and commotion of daytime traffic will provide more stimulation for the mind, helping you fight off driver fatigue even on the longer legs of the trip.

    3. Create an invigorating environment
      Adjust the environment in your car to help you stay alert. This means keeping the temperature cool, listening to upbeat music, and encouraging passengers to converse with you to keep your mind active. Fortunately, most Airstream recreational vehicles are equipped with air conditioning systems.

    4. Don't get too comfy
      It's easy to disconnect from your body while you're driving. You slump down into the seat, switch on cruise control, and let your muscle memory take care of the rest. Doing this, however, makes your reaction time slower and gives your mind the opportunity to wander. Instead, sit up straight and keep both hands on the wheel.

    5. Take a break.Get out and stretch your legs at a rest stop every two hours or so. Fresh air, a snack, and a little light exercise should help you energize and break up the monotony.
    A recent survey revealed that for a family of four, traveling by RV can save between 23% and 59% on vacation costs.

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