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In-depth Overview: Coachmen Freedom Express

Coachmen Freedom Express is poised to redefine the way Americans enjoy the great outdoors. In the world of recreational touring, having the ultimate comforts of home on wheels can really spell the difference between good quality, truly enjoyable road trip and mediocre, highly regrettable moments on the road. While the demand for recreational vehicle has declined in the past few years especially during the trying times of the later part of the 2010s, it is now again making a comeback. One of the longest-running RV provider on American roads is Coachmen with over half a century of experience. As the company aptly puts it, they are the leader to the great outdoors.

It's about time to put their Freedom Express to the test whether this can really epitomize Coachmen's adventure, freedom, flexibility, safety, and security brand.

General Overview

Designed to be ultra-light so that it can be towed by half-ton vehicles as well as midsize SUVs, the Freedom Express speaks well of the company's penchant for luxury accommodation on wheels complete with a safe yet highly ingenious design. With 4 different variants complete with different floor plans, the Coachmen Freedom Express promises to be a ride and a home like no other. The Freedom Express is available as an Expandable Trailer, an Ultra Lite, a Special Edition Package Travel Trailer, or as a Deep Slide Travel Trailer. Each floor plan can be enhanced with value added packages that are sure to elevate the RV touring experience several notches higher as these packages are quite affordable.

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The models range in floor plan size from 18 feet to 28 feet to accommodate all types of families with the smaller version perfect for individuals or couples and the larger versions for entire households. Each version comes complete with all the modern amenities of comfortable living from a fully automated push button Power Package setup to a Perfect Flow camp grill by Coleman to a state-of-the-art entertainment tower with a rotating LCD TV. All the much-needed consumer appliances and furniture intended to provide for a more comfortable outdoor experience have been carefully integrated into the interior design of the Freedom Express. This give the impression that the Coachmen Freedom Express is designed not only to impress but also to put recreational touring back in the grid where everyone can have a great time on the road and on open spaces of Mother Nature herself.

The fiberglass exteriors make for a very futuristic and streamlined appeal. Its streamlined design significantly improves the flow of air across its surfaces, reducing drag and thereby improving fuel efficiency for the towing vehicle. This translates to better handling and greater stability even at high speeds. The spread axle design also helps to stabilize the whole trailer. The interior has also been designed to be multifunctional. The designers at Coachmen really did their part in coming up with ingenious solutions to those instances when people simply need additional space inside the trailer. The numerous tie down points spread all over the trailer's interior make for instant anchoring points to create even more space inside. And if this is not enough, the power vertical glide beds and fold up sofas of the Coachmen Freedom Express can double the space requirement.

Coachmen Freedom Express Features

The Freedom Express boasts of intricately designed interiors complete with beautifully-detailed wooden cabinetry. Cabinet drawer faces and doors are crafted with Independence maple hardwood. Full functionality of the cabinet is ensured by the integration of full extension roller bearings. The windows are beautifully treated with materials that are soft and edgy-looking as well as designer hard valances for optimum aesthetics and functionality.

For the master bedroom, the walls are beautifully accented with 2 nightstands and closets that are mirrored full-length. Additional storage can be found under the master bed. Access to the master bedroom has been replaced with wood slider doors made to improve the overall security and privacy of the occupants while at the same time affording unparalleled aesthetic appeal. The rotating TV on the entertainment tower allows for TV viewing in the master bedroom.

The kitchen area is completed with a range hood that is complemented by a fully functional exhaust and light. The countertops of the Coachmen Freedom Express have a refined glossy finish complete with brushed nickel hardware. Cleaning up in the galley is more functional and a breeze with a high-rise kitchen faucet that is made more aesthetic by a marvelous stonecast kitchen sink composite. Dining is a breeze with a fully functional silverware drawer.

Other interior features include a bathroom exhaust vent with fan and a high-rise foot flush toilet. Also added is a wooden medicine cabinet and a bathroom mirror that complements a cosmetics shelf. The interior speakers come with selectable switches. The Coachmen Freedom Express also comes with a power converter, an LP leak alarm, a smoke detector, a fire extinguisher, and a carbon monoxide detector for optimum safety. The Freedom Express also has several egress windows complete with prop and screen rods.

On the outside, the Freedom Express comes with an insulated and painted radius entry door with screen, an amber patio light, an LP bottle cover with valve access, a dual battery rack, a water heater bypass, and 4-wheel electric brakes. Also included are breakaway safety cables, exterior GFI outlet, heavy duty welded safety chains, and high capacity freshwater holding tanks.

All Coachmen Freedom Express models come with green certification, access to the companyu2019s Coachnet Roadside Assistance program, and affiliation to the company's Coachmen Owners' Association good for 1 year. Additionally, all new owners of the Freedom Express are entitled to free seal tech and rain bay testing.


True to their word, Coachmen does deliver modern comfort and style on wheels but with significant improvements in the overall construction of the recreational vehicle. Since not everyone can afford a full-sized SUV, the Coachmen Freedom Express does provide an excellent choice for car owners who would like to rediscover the joys of traveling on the vast expanse of roads and open fields of the country. The Freedom Express' lightweight, aerodynamic, and sturdy design makes for improved recreational travels with all the modern comforts of home.

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