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RV Camping Clubs

posted by Nate @ 5:10pm, Friday 12 August 2011.

There are over 80 different general RV clubs and membership associations. There are over 20 different campground discount and membership clubs. And there are over 70 different RV owners clubs for particular manufacturers or RV models. Membership is relatively cheap and you will more than make up the annual membership fees if you take advantage of just a few benefits of being a member.

Some of the benefits include, of course, disicounts as much as 50% at select campgrounds and 10% discount on parts. Some have hosted forums online for owners to discuss questions and problems related to their rigs. Many offer trip planning tools, free subscription to camping magazines, and insurance and roadside assitance programs. Some require an application and fee to join, while many are free. Do a little research or ask a fellow RV'er which club may be best for you.

Being a member to the club of your choice is a good way to save money, make your trip easier and interact with other RV'ers like yourself.

What's your favorite club and why?


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