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A Stronger Lighter RV: Azdel Composite Panels

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 1:45pm, Monday 3 December 2012.

The RV Industry has evolved over the years with advances in technology that make the recreation vehicle better every year. One of those advances is AZDEL Composite Panels. This feature enables many RVs to now be lighter and still retain structural integrity.

Water Resistant

Traditionally an RV will be made out of flat wood panels and then laminated with fiberglass. This was fine for a while, that is until water was exposed to the wood. Now, we all know what happens when water is exposed to wood. The wood begins to drink it up. Several problems begin to emerge from this. With time, mold will begin to grow and the water in the wood will weigh the RV down.

AZDEL Sidewalls are are water resistant and retain very little water. Unlike wood, they also don't retain the water that wood sidewalls do. Overtime we should start seeing the majority of RV manufacturers take on this technology, or at least something similar. This means that you get a superior products. The Coachmen Apex line is one example of this technology use and is a manufacturer that Florida Outdoors RV Center carries.

Strong and Durable

According to the AZDEL flyer, these panel's are made of a "blend of polypropylene and fiberglass, creating an extremely strong and lightweight wall." Other features mentioned are 50% lighter than wood, impervious to water, 3 time the insulation value of wood, odorless, sound and energy efficient, and resistant to impacts like falling trees!

It's important to know what you are buying when making an investment in a RV purchase. Buying quality at low prices is what a lot of people want these days. The AZDEL Composite Panels on the new Coachmen Apex's are a good example of quality walls with quality prices.

Specs, pics and info gleaned from AZDEL/Coachmen information PDF and Mid State RV Blog. P

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