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Best Places to Visit in Florida

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 10:54am, Tuesday 9 September 2014.

If you ever visit Florida, US ensure that you pass through the following locales that the Sunshine State has to offer:

Walt Disney Resort: This is the largest Disney resort in the world and it shows: Four theme parks, two waterways, a myriad of resorts that are spread over the expansive grounds etc. In a single day you can go from playing a round of golf, to having a lunch with some of Disney's most iconic characters. Located less than an hours' drive from Orlando's International Airport this is a place that will give your kids memories to last a lifetime; Universal Studios This is a place where dreams come to reality on the silver screen and this is where you and your companions can walk into real life studios of movie and TV production houses and basically act out your fantasies. This is a place to go to if you adore cinematic history.

National Naval Aviation Museum Located in Pensacola, Florida: this is a Military museum that hosts over 150 aircraft types that have had some stint of service that have served the United States Military. This is a place that will take some two or three hours of your time but it is worth your time, the best thing about this place is that it is absolutely free.

Acquatica: The Acquatica brand is owned by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Opened in the year 2008 this aquarium sits over an area that is some 60 acres. It opens from 8a.m to 9 p.m. Entry is free for children who are under 3 years whilst other people pay for tickets whose prices start at$ 28; Honey Moon Island State Park Originally it was called Hog Island but became known as Honeymoon Island after a New York developer built some 50 palm thatched bungalows for honeymooners. The park has a number of bird trails and bird observatory areas. Visitors can also swim and snorkel whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Gulf Coast, this is definitely a place that you want to visit for some sunshine.

St, Augustine Alligator Park: This is both an alligator park and a conservation zoo. This park that is over a century old holds different species of alligators, poisonous snakes and reptiles; the park opens every day from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Tickets for adults retail for above $ 22 whilst tickets for children below 12 retail for $ 11. The above list is by no means exhaustive — our list however has to come to an end for the simple reason that space cannot allow us to go further. When you visit the Sunshine State a.k.a. Florida you need to keep in mind that there are over 100 places that you can visit to wind. The choice of your adventure will entirely depend on considering who else has tagged along but whatever the case you can rest assured that there will be no dull moment whilst you are in Florida. Go online log on to the US Customs portal and visit ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) as you begin planning your trip.

The New 2015 Keystone Alpine 3535RE!

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 3:18pm, Monday 16 June 2014.

Florida Outdoors RV is proud to announce a brand new fifth wheel line for their Okeechobee location; the luxury fifth wheel 2015 Keystone Alpine 3535RE. This fifth wheel is going head to head with some of our other luxury lines like the Prime Time Sanibel and Forest River Cardinal. After a great deal of research and taking a look through the 5th wheel ourselves, we decided this brand would serve our Okeechobee customers quite well.

We already carry a few Keystone RV brands like the Fuzion and Laredo. The Keystone Alpine RV has a great variety of floorplans and features. Many of our customers have been very please with their Keystone purchase, and we think you will be very happy with this new product.

Hey, let’s dive it!

As you can see, the 2015 Keystone Alpine is beautiful just by looking on the outside. From the beautiful and stylish graphics to the tinted frameless windows, you not only will be the talk of the RV park, but also enjoy the longevity of the 5 year graphic warranty and the energy saving windows. Notice the large living room slide out with the extra large windows on this 3535RE model.  

With easy access to the water connection and a super “easy to use” power chord, setting up your RV has never been easier. This is further enhanced with Keystone’s automatic leveling systems. One button, and you’re done! It’s hard to see in the picture, but there is a massive amount of storage in this baby!

As you step into this beautiful kitchen area, you will notice this really nice island counter top. This is something unique among all our lines. As you can see, this floorplan, (3535RE) has TONS of counter space. You will also really like the 4 door fridge with a great pots and pans drawer underneath.

In the Keystone Alpine 3535 RE, you will love the rear entertainment with large flatscreen TV and fireplace to keep you warm in those cold winter months (when they happen in Florida!) Notice the incredible wood work?

This is a beautiful shot of the solid surface counter tops, high rise faucet, and beautiful sink covers.

At night, you will love a comfortable sleep in this kind size bed, mirrored storage  and large closet area with washer and dryer hookups. You will also enjoy your favorite TV show on the flatscreen TV.

The bathroom is nice and big with a great corner shower, solid surface under mounted sink, and floor flush toilet. Everything is important!

We would love for you to stop by our Florida Outdoors RV Center here in Stuart, Florida and see our luxury fifth wheel Keystone Alpine 3535RE in person. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales consultants are here to help you.  We take pride in our friendly customer service. Call 772-288-2221 today!

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5 Gadgets No Caravan Should Be Without

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 11:22am, Monday 2 June 2014.

The summer looks set to be a scorcher and so now’s the time to make sure everything is prepared for your big caravanning trip. Let’s go through the checklists. You’ve checked the tyre pressure, tested all your security equipment, and given the inside a good spring clean, but something is missing. Let’s say you want to make this year a bit more special!

Most people will be satisfied with the gritty, low-tech camping approach, but for those hoping to travel in a little more style we’ve compiled a list of gadgets that will make your trip that little bit more glamorous and stress-free:

Self-Powered Mini Travel Radio, Torch and Phone Charger

Go RVingThis handy 3-in-1 gadget could prove invaluable when you're out and about, perhaps on a long walk away from the motorhome. It charges most phones with a USB socket via a built in re-chargeable battery powered from the hand crank. It also has a powerful three LED flash lamp, and a radio tuner that covers MW, FM, and SW bands. 

This device promises a latest designed hand turbine with magnetic holder and built in telescopic antenna for the radio, retailing at $50.


RVing GadgetIntroducing the world's smallest microwave which is powered by a USB off your computer! If you can’t bear to be without your beloved laptop for your caravanning trip then why not bring along this handy companion?

Super speedy heating (the Heinz Snap Pot pictured adjacent takes just 60 seconds to brew) and only 7.4in tall by 6.2in wide. Retailing at $160.

Camp Stove Toaster

RVing GadgetsSave weight and room in your motorhome kitchen with this incredibly useful utensil. Toast your bread in a moment by just putting it on your camping stove. You’ll no longer need electricity or big power sockets to enjoy a delicious breakfast, for just $5!

Solar PIR Utility Light

RVing GadgetsThis fancy little device has a powerful 0.6W solar panel which absorbs sunlight and charges the high capacity battery during the day. When night rolls in the Solar PIR will light up as soon as it detects motion (up to 6.5m away) and will turn itself off 25 seconds after motion stops.

It can be employed as a security light or as a night torch and operates for up to 16 hours after being fully charged. There are no running costs and no risk of running down your car battery.

Plus, only $32. (Keep an eye out for other solar-powered gadgets, for example phone chargers, showers,

Pop Up Pint Glass

RVing GadgetsFor those of us who don’t want to have to leave the campsite in order to get to the bar, the pop-up pint is a handy solution. Made from sturdy plastic, it pops up and collapses as quickly as you can open the ice cooler. Enjoy a glass of that sweet, sweet nectar in style for only $8!

(NB pop-up responsibly)

Luke is a travel writer from London who writes on behalf of Cosford Caravans, a Bailey Caravan dealership based in the West Midlands. He likes nothing better than to eat beans on toast, listening to his travel radio under the light of his solar-powered utility light, with a nice pop-up pint of beer!

A Few RV Travel Tips

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 11:11am, Monday 2 June 2014.

As hotel prices become higher and higher it has become increasingly popular to go on a RV travel for your holiday instead of staying in a hotel. RVs are designed in a way to perfectly meet any person’s requirements and needs and are probably the most cost effective way to spend your holiday.

However, in order to make sure your RV trip will be safe and effortless you should follow a couple of useful advices on how to do it especially if you are a beginner in the area and have never travelled with RV before. There is no need to panic, the truth is that RV travels are quite easy to learn and once you get the very basics of it you can be sure you will have an unforgettable holiday. The following tips will help you make your RV trip a success.

  1. Make a map with your travel destinations

The most enchanting part about an RV travel is the chance to spend your holiday on the road feeling the freedom of the nature. However, simply taking your things and leaving is not option. It is better to have a planned travel route ahead of you. Use the help of travel guide, the Internet and carefully plan even the smallest details. And make sure you have a working GPS system in your car!

  1. Make a checklist

Absolutely obligatory! Make a list of everything you are going to need in the RV. Check the campground connections, the systems for water, electricity and gas in the RV. This checklist should also include things of your own comfort such as favourite movies on DVDs, songs on CDs, etc.

  1. Make sure you have a first aid kit specially for RVs

Before going on the trip make sure to check whether it is completely stocked with everything essential. This includes medical and emergency supplies, pen, papers, and last but not least – a cell phone and a charger for it. Also include a list of important contacts such as emergency, police, your parents and closest friends so that you can call them if needed.

  1. Tips when you have small children and pets in the RV

Travelling with kids and pets is one of the hardest things. You should make sure you have arranged enough time for outdoor fun activities for both the children and the pets. No matter the RV size make sure every child has their own space for toys, playing and games and their personal things.

  1. Ask your friends for help

If you have concerns about anything you better ask a friend of yours who has already travelled by RV before. They will best help you with your issues. After all no matter the research you are going to do it is very likely that some questions may arise whose answers you do not know.

Read more helpful tips here: man with a van wimbledon.

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