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Top 5 RV Camps Around Florida's National Parks

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 4:49pm, Tuesday 24 March 2015.

Florida has a lot to offer visitors, and that includes an impressive array of parks in, around, and outside of The Everglades. There are many amazing parks that can be found throughout the state of Florida. Whether your taste is in National Parks or State Parks, you don't have to worry about finding some amazing places to visit with your RV.

Silver Palms RV Resort
The Silver Palms RV Resort is consistently one of the most popular RV Resorts in Florida and it is located in Lake Okeechobee. In fact they are less than half a mile from Eagle Bay and only a couple miles from Paradise Run Park. This gives quality location, the full range of convenience, and is right next to some of the largest parks and natural areas in all of Florida.

Coastline RV Resort
This one is located south of Tallahassee - in the Panhandle, and just off the Gulf of Mexico. This is another RV resort that gets very high ratings from a large number of visitors looking to check out Apalachicola National Forest. This location is right on the National park's southern front, and also right off the Gulf of Mexico, giving visitors plenty of options of what to do for days on end.

St. George Island State Park
There are multiple RV camps right by this state park, and they offer the full range of amenities to visitors who want to see up close the amazing ecosystem that Florida has developed over millions of years.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park
The John Pennekamp State Park is located on famous and scenic Key Largo. This park is one of the most beloved in all of Florida, and it is one of the easiest ones to reach out of all the Florida Key Islands since it is one of the closest to the mainland.

If you want to check out the Florida Keys and some of their incredible state parks, but don't want to spend your entire vacation doing it, then stopping at John Pennekamp Reef Park at the RV campsite of the same name is the way to do it.

Long Pine Key Campground (NPS Campground)
The Long Pine Key Campground is an actual National Parks Service campground located right inn the Everglades, Florida's most famous National Park and one of the most famous National Parks in all of the United States.

This is a popular RV campground that might be a touch on the rustic side, but it puts you in the heart of the park in addition to offering power outlets and all the basic amenities you need to enjoy your time out in the wild.

There are literally hundreds of RV parks around the State Parks and National Parks in Florida, and anyone traveling shouldn't have any problem finding a good place to camp out no matter how long their trip might be.

These are just a few of the great RV camps available, but never be afraid to go out and explore your own!

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Five Great National Parks for Colorado Recreational Vehicle Travelers

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 10:03am, Friday 6 March 2015.

Traveling by recreational vehicle is becoming more common for people who want to maintain more control over their surroundings while on the road. While those staying in an RV do not need to worry about renting a motel room, there is still the need to hook up in a park when not on the go. Travelers in the state of Colorado have fantastic options while there.

Those who wish to connect with nature may want to visit the Roosevelt National Forest while journeying through Colorado. This rugged land offers plenty of challenges such as rock climbing and mountain biking for strong athletes. Many enjoy fishing or rafting in the La Poudre River.

Those who wish to spend time there should make arrangements at the Fort Collins/Poudre Canyon KOA. While close to the forest, travelers can enjoy full hookups and Wi-Fi from the campsite. Additionally, cable is included and a swimming pool is seasonally available.

Arkansas Point Campground is the ideal place for those who wish to enjoy the extensive shore of Lake Pueblo. The state park boasts 60 miles of shoreline and is open to a wide variety of water related activities. A low breeze runs across the water which is perfect for windsurfing and fishing throughout the year.

A wide selection of wildlife lives in the park, including owls and dam building beavers. Guests may encounter animals while hiking or biking through the trails. The campground is close to the southern boat ramp. It provides hook ups for guests and a dump station for those who have been traveling a while. Laundry facilities are available as well.

The second largest city in the Rocky Mountain state is Colorado Springs. For those who wish to enjoy the best of the city life and the amazing natural offerings nearby, staying at the Colorado Springs KOA is a fantastic idea. Many of the campsites have patios and grills. Within the park, there is a convenience store for guests to restock their supplies. Wi-fi and laundry facilities provide the opportunity for people to connect with others and get cleaned up for the next leg of their journey.

For camping throughout the year, Dakota Terraces Campground offers complete hookups for those who want to enjoy the Ridgway State Park. This site has a dump station and is near attractions such as the Ouray Hot Springs Pool.

Just 20 miles from Pagosa Springs, the Sportsman's Campground offers complete hook ups and several amenities. Guests can enjoy a fire pit or playground while their clothes are washing at the campground laundry. Television and Wi-fi access are also included. Plenty of waterfalls, camping trails and natural hot springs are nearby.

Staying in an RV makes traveling easier. Those who are traveling through the scenic state of Colorado can select any of these campgrounds to relax and enjoy the nearby attractions. Those who enjoy outdoor activities are sure to appreciate one or all of these destinations for their convenience and provisions.

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The Top Five RV Sites for National Parks in California

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 10:57am, Wednesday 25 February 2015.

California lies along the majority of the Pacific Coast in the United States and is home to some of the most spectacular national parks. Guests traveling through the state should take the time to visit as much of the natural surroundings offered there. This list comprises some of the most interesting parks within the state though there are plenty more.

About 200 miles east of San Fransisco lies Yosemite National Park. There are ten campgrounds located in the park for guests, including accommodations for fifth wheels and travel trailers. Three Pines campgrounds provide options for guests in the upper, lower and northern areas. The entrance to the Upper Pines has a dump station. That area is open throughout the year while the lower and northern sites are closed for fall and summer.

Those camping at the Pines have a fire ring at their site and can use the bathrooms and drinking fountains. Picnic tables and food lockers are also provided. Wheelchair accessible sites are available and the Lower Pines has double campsites that can be reserved.

In the quiet town of Crescent City, travelers can hook up their RVs at the Redwoods RV Resort. There are so many things to enjoy in the area that tourists often spend several weeks exploring it all. The campground has a mascot, Woodrow Redtree and a mission to make certain everyone has a great time while there.

There is a store conveniently located on site so guests can restock their cupboards without going anywhere. Laundry facilities and hot showers are also available.

The Lassen Volcanic National Park is a top destination for those who appreciate natural beauty. The Hat Creek Resort and RV Park sits on the bank of Hat Creek and is only 11 miles from the park. This camping site is the perfect blend of nature and modern amenities. Full hook ups are available and guests may also opt for wi-fi and cable when registering. A laundry room, game room and volleyball court are among the other benefits guests can use.

Guests can fish the creek without ever leaving the park. However, there is plenty to do nearby, including golf and skiing.

The Sequoia National Park is one of the most famous parks in the country. Songs about the redwood trees express the awe people feel when viewing these incredible visions. The Three Rivers Hideaway is only three miles from the entrance and offers full services throughout the year.

Alternatively, the Sequoia Park KOA has pull through sites with fire rings and picnic tables. A dog park and playground are available and the site includes cable. Guests can purchase wi-fi, propane and snacks while staying there. The comfortable environment also has a swimming pool.

Traveling by RV through California is a great way to see the natural beauty that still exists in the national parks. Staying at these facilities allows guests the chance to recharge and refresh while enjoying the scenery and adventures the park offers.

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Things to Do at an Army Corps Campground

posted by Brandon Esparza @ 1:28pm, Wednesday 4 February 2015.

Camping is one way to remove yourself from the hectic situations that every day life can bring. Fortunately, RVs make camping more enjoyable for the many people that do not enjoy even the though of roughing it in the wild. Not everyone enjoys sleeping on the lumpy ground in a tent that fills with mosquitoes each time the door is zipped open. If you are looking for a great place to explore during your next RV outing, consider visiting one of the many Army Corps camping locations. Why would you visit an Army Corps camp? There are many reasons and a few of them are included in the list of activities below.

Boating, Fishing and Swimming

You can enjoy the clean waters found in the Army Corps campgrounds across the country. Head out for a day of fishing on your boat or fish from the docks or shores to catch your favorite fish for dinner. Not one for fishing? You can cool yourself off on those hot summer days by taking a dip in the cool, clear waters and enjoy your days under the sun with your family.

Trail Exploration

Whether you enjoy getting out for a hike, riding your bike, horse or ATV, you can find campgrounds with trails to do all four. If your horse is a bit rattled by the roaring engines of ATVs in the woods, consider looking for camps with trails dedicated to non-motorized activity. This will protect your horse from becoming frightened when a group of ATV riders comes zipping by. If you enjoy opening up the motor of your ATV, look for a camp that has trails dedicated to motorized vehicles only. These trails will provide you a safe route to take without having to constantly be concerned about pedestrians, cyclists and horses being around the next bend.

Golf and Frisbee Golf

Nothing says vacation like heading out to a lush green golf course on a sunny afternoon. Many of the Army Corps camp grounds have well rated golf courses for you to enjoy. If you are into competing with others, look into the sponsored matches that are held from time to time to compete with other golfing RV enthusiasts and help raise a little money for a good cause.

If you are into frisbee golf, take your time to look around for a Army Corps campground with a frisbee golf course. These are a little harder to find than traditional golf, but it is possible.


If there are little ones in your family, these campgrounds are commonly equipped with great playgrounds for the kids to enjoy. You can relax in the shade as your kids swing into the breeze and zip down the winding slides until their little hearts are content. By the end of the day, they will be exhausted, you will be refreshed and everyone will sleep like newborn babies.

Take your time when considering your next RVing destination. You can find an affordable place to spend several days with your family in your RV and create memories that will be cherished for life.

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